Sex with your husband isn't as fulfilling anymore? Here's why!

Sex with your husband isn't as fulfilling anymore? Here's why!

Ever wondered why he's always satisfied and you're left frustrated? Here are some reasons why sex with your hubby may seem less than perfect

Have you been experiencing unfulfilling sex or worse still, dry spells with your husband recently?
And you're left wondering why he's satisfied but you're left frustrated? Here are some reasons that might explain the reason why.

#1 Bad communication


Communication is always a huge factor in anything relationship-involved. If the communication between you and your husband is bad, then your feelings and emotions will impact the way you behave in bed. Sometimes, having sex with your husband would be the last thing you want to do. And even if you do have sex, it's most likely out of obligation, which won't guarantee satisfaction.

Solution? Focus on improving your emotional relationship with your husband first, before improving the sex.

#2 Schedule


Mostly linked to #1. A busy schedule will obviously cause a strain in communication which will lead to...yes, you already know. I mean, you can't really blame anyone when you have to juggle work, chores and the kids. Sex would definitely be the last thing on your mind. In worst cases, you might even think of sex as a chore.

Solution? Prioritising! Sounds like too much to do but it really will improve your sex life. Start working on your schedule in a way that it'll improve your relationship, both emotional and sexual. Also, this can eliminate any unnecessary stress as well!

#3 Boredom


Predictable sex, anyone? Having sex at the same place, same way and same time may turn it into a routine and it becoming nothing to look forward to anymore, which in return, would result is dissatisfaction.

Solution? Change things up a bit, and be experimental. The only way to get out of boredom, if to think out of the box.

#4 Low self esteem


Not him, you. It's inevitable for those unflattering stretch marks and flabby skin to appear as the years go by. And this would result in you feeling less confident to be naked. Even if you do decide to get naked, you low self confidence would hinder you from enjoying yourself.

Solution? Focus on what you like about your body, and understand that they'll always outweigh what you don't like.

#5 Expectations


Let's not even deny that us women always want more of something in their sex life. Expecting more foreplay, more of "making love" or more for your husband to last longer might hinder you from enjoying the sex.

Solution? Simple, communicate. Ask for what you want and what you want him to do. Women can get whatever they want if they just ask!

Have you encountered similar problems in bed? Share your thoughts with us!

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