Top 10 Mistakes Wives Make in a Relationship

Top 10 Mistakes Wives Make in a Relationship

Is your marriage spiraling downwards? We're sure your husband has his own faults, but like the saying goes - it takes two to tango. Are you guilty of any of the following common mistakes wives make? Remember - nobody is perfect and it is never too late to turn your marriage around.

1. Becoming overly controlling

While most men like assertive women, being too controlling can lead to a lot of problems. Nagging never does a relationship good.

It is s given that a wife has an equal say in the actions and decisions, but it should be within reason. It doesn’t take much for this issue to turn into one of the biggest mistakes in a relationship!

2. Being a drama queen

Top 10 Mistakes Wives Make in a Relationship
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Occasional tears from watching a sappy movie together are cute and endearing but constantly getting upset over petty things can really put pressure on your marriage. Save your emotions for bigger things like if your darling hubby forgets your wedding anniversary!! Then having a mini-meltdown could be justified.

3. Not being direct about your feelings

We expect our men to just know how we feel about something without us saying a word, and this often backfires. Ladies, guys are not wired to read our thoughts and minds. You need to voice your feelings! Do this and we’re sure your man will thank you!

4. Constant complaints

Top 10 Mistakes Wives Make in a Relationship

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9 out of 10 women already know about their spouse’s quirks even before they got married. So don’t decide to start picking on these ‘flaws’ after you tie the knot. Try and focus on your husband’s good qualities and try not to sweat the small stuff.

5. Letting yourself go

Making an effort to look nice doesn’t mean going overboard with hair and makeup. It is just a simple gesture to show your husband that you care enough to look nice for him. We are sure your husband would be proud of you for staying fit and looking good and he too will be motivated to do the same for you!

6. Being overly suspicious

Top 10 Mistakes Wives Make in a Relationship

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Wives who are constantly questioning their husbands’ whereabouts and who they with are committing a big relationship no-no. Trust is one of the most important components in marriage and by asking these questions you will only put unwanted strain on your relationship.

7. Forgetting to compliment him

After a few years of being together, is it easy to start seeing the negative qualities in your spouse; and before you know it you’re relationship has lost its magic. Make an effort to see the good in each other. Try and remember his qualities that captured your heart in the first place, and compliment him on those.

8. Looking for excuses not to have sex

Physical intimacy is fundamental for any solid marriage. We as mums always put our kids first and tend to put our sex lives on the back burner. Try and make an effort to make sex a priority in your marriage. Your husband will thank you no end!

9. Giving up on physical affection

Top 10 Mistakes Wives Make in a Relationship

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Has your busy life got in the way of your relationship with your spouse? Do you rush off to work without as much as a little good-bye kiss? These little gestures may seem trivial compared with the ‘big issues’ in your life, but it’s these little gestures that keep that flame burning.

10. Forgetting you are a wife as well as a mother.

When our kids come along, we tend to forget that we are wives first. Ladies our husbands need to feel that they are just as important as our children.

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