Zoe Tay's 13-Year-Old Son Crafts Earrings For Sale To Raise Funds For Animal Shelters

Zoe Tay's 13-Year-Old Son Crafts Earrings For Sale To Raise Funds For Animal Shelters

Tay's second son, Ashton, has a soft spot for animals just like her as he uses his craft to help animal shelters.

Zoe Tay's love for animals is no secret, having adopted two dogs – Pepper and Snowball – in two years. And it seems her 13-year-old son Ashton Chionh shares her passion, too.

In an interview with Pin Prestige magazine, the 52-year-old Ah Jie spoke of how she would often bring her children to visit the animals in doggy daycare centre Sunny Heights.

As her second son Ashton is particularly artistic, she encouraged him to use his skills to craft earrings in the shape of animals and put them up for sale at animal shelter Voices For Animals (VFA).

The funds raised will go towards providing six months' worth of food for the animals at VFA. If there are extra funds, the amount will be donated to other animal shelters.

Like any other mother, Zoe is proud to show off her son's creations, which are extremely detailed and feature different breeds of dogs, cats, and birds.

She also suggested to Ashton to invite other children to participate and learn how to make the earrings, as well as care for abandoned animals together.

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Earlier this year, Zoe penned a heartfelt birthday dedication to Ashton on Instagram, thanking him for teaching her how to be more patient.

This article was first published in AsiaOne and republished on theAsianparent with permission.

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