Zoe Tay is Pregnant Again!

Zoe Tay is Pregnant Again!

The Queen of Caldecott Hill has confirmed that she is already four months pregnant with a baby boy! Find out what prompted the veteran actress to have another baby.

Fans of Zoe Tay should catch her upcoming movie 'Love Cuts' as she will be off the screens until February next year. The Queen of Caldecott Hill has confirmed that she is four months pregnant with a third son. The baby is due to arrive in late October and the actress will go on maternity leave after that.

Speculation about her pregnancy first arose after she suddenly pulled out of new cop drama 'Unriddle' while promising to explain the decision in due time. The 42 year old actress said, "I hope to have more kids because after becoming a mother I find them really adorable. It'd be a blessing if I can! I'm from a large family myself and I think children from such families understand cohesion and how to interact better." This pregnancy however was unplanned!

Zoe waited after four months to notify the press as according to Chinese tradition, a woman should not announce her pregnancy during the first trimester, for fear of bad luck. She was in high spirits and commented that she now has 'three musketeers'.

With her acting contract expiring next month, is she worried about a pay cut - and will she convert to full-time housewife if that happens? "Now that you ask, I also struggle for an answer," she laughed.

Watch Zoe Tay on an episode of glamour mum

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Felicia Chin

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