My Pain-Free Delivery

My Pain-Free Delivery

Mention the word labour and watch a woman’s face twist in horror and a man squirm. However, <b>TheAsianParent’s </b> Forum has been seeing tons of interesting labour stories being submitted. Here’s one that caught our eye by PurpleCow.



painless delivery

My husband and I were working in the nightlife industry when I found out that I was pregnant. Luckily for me, I never had all the first trimester woes like morning sickness or spotting. So I was oblivious to my pregnancy, up till I was four months into it! Little did I know lady luck smiled on my D-Day too, as I had a painless delivery!

We made a trip down to the gynaecologist only to be told that there were two egg sacs visible. However, only one had developed into a foetus. And he informed us that since both egg sacs were growing under the same conditions; technically, both would not have developed into foetuses. So it turned out that our baby was a fighter, and really a miracle baby! We were ecstatic when we found out it was a boy!

When my estimated delivery day arrived, our little boy still did not want to come into the world! So my gynaecologist sent me home for another week of rest, as he felt that they baby would come out when he wanted to and that there was no point inducing and forcing the poor boy out!


It was a Thursday night when I begin feeling contractions at home. I remember reading so many articles saying that women only admitted themselves into the hospital when their water broke. So I was trying my best to absorb the pain! My husband freaked out and his face became pale as he did not know how to help me. Eventually, the pain became too unbearable to overcome. I managed a shower and we headed off to the hospital. I clearly remember telling my husband we could take a bus down to the hospital as it was still early which he obviously rejected!

My Quick, Painless Delivery

Upon arrival, I was wheeled into the labour ward where I was informed that I was only a mere 3cm dilated. I nearly fainted from shock! They manually burst my water bag to speed things up and before long, I was screaming for an epidural! It was just seconds after they topped up my dosage of epidural when I was informed that the baby was coming. But I could not feel the contractions at all! So the doctor told me that I would push according to that little meter on the side of the bed.

I obviously had a pain free delivery! I pushed when prompted and after a while, my little prince arrived in this world! It was a fast and painless delivery! Of course, the stitches hurt, but it was all worth it.

I thank god for this miracle baby boy of mine! He is my little bundle of joy!

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Nasreen Majid

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