ZESPRI Recipe! - Fruity Healthy Dessert

ZESPRI Recipe! - Fruity Healthy Dessert

Quick & Easy Within 15minutes! - Its a yummy nuturious snack for both fussy kiddos & adults. Thank you Marcia for sharing this incredibly easy recipe with us!

fruit salad

Enjoy a healthy ZESPRI yoghurt kiwifruit salad


– Plain Yoghurt

– 1 Kiwi

– Fresh Peach or canned Peach (4pcs)



– Cut Kiwi  & Peach and blend separately

– Take a Bowl/ shotglass

– Top a layer of peach, followed by plain yoghurt the lastly kiwi

– You can cut the peaches into little bite sizes to use as a topping to entice your kids

For more exciting kiwi recipes, check out ZESPRI’s website at http://www.zespri.com.sg/en/kiwifruit/!


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Written by

Sandra Ong

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