Fann Wong And Christopher Lee Reveal Li'l Zed's Cute Antics And We Go 'Aww...'!

Fann Wong And Christopher Lee Reveal Li'l Zed's Cute Antics And We Go 'Aww...'!

Isn't Zed Lee adorable? These anecdotes shared by mummy Fann Wong and daddy Christopher Lee will make you love him even more!

How adorable is Singapore celebrity kid Zed Lee?!

Recently, mummy Fann Wong and daddy Christopher Lee shared some hilarious anecdotes about their little one.

We think you’ll go, “Aww…”!

Zed Lee still sleeps with mummy and daddy

Zed Lee


And like a King! 

Daddy Christopher Lee revealed to Toggle that Zed sleeps with his feet resting comfortably on his dad’s face and head against his mum’s!

“Zed’s intrusion into my life is a severe one. I don’t even have a comfortable place to rest anymore!” Lee joked.

Daddy and mummy are not complaining though. They are treasuring the nights the little one snuggles with them, for they know this too shall pass. Soon he’ll grow up and want a room of his own.

“Mummy so sexy”

 Zed Lee is also constantly surprising his parents with his vocabulary. And sometimes, not in a good way. 😉

Mummy Fann Wong once told Toggle, “I showed him the Marie France Bodyline ad I shot when I was pregnant and told him, ‘Zed is inside [my belly]’.”

Apparently, the kiddo stared at the ad for a while before delivering his verdict – “Mama so sexy”. Needless to say, mummy was shocked! 🙂

Zed Lee


On another occasion, he said ‘stethoscope’, leaving mummy pretty impressed!

Talks like an adult

You know how cute kids look when they mouth adult advice? Well li’l Zed apparently loves doling out wisdom.

Daddy Lee proudly tells Toggle, “When I tell him he should or shouldn’t do something, he’ll repeat my words.”

Like, “Dad says I must drink more water or I’ll become heaty”. We can’t imagine how cute he’d look saying that! <3

“Don’t kiss my mummy”

And the little one is growing up to be a possessive young man too. Who doesn’t like anyone getting too close to mummy. Nope, not even daddy! 😉

Mummy Fann reveals to Toggle, “He will get jealous! He doesn’t even let his dad hold my hand. I have to sit with Zed in the backseat of the car.”

“I spend more time with him so he tends to cling to me more.”

Check out this adorable video Fann shared on Facebook, where Zed refuses to let his parents kiss!

Mummy and daddy fight for Zed’s attention

And did we mention that when it comes to possessiveness, Zed’s mum and dad aren’t far behind ?

Mummy and son bond big time but daddy likes to makes sure that he doesn’t get left out. 

Fann once told 8 Days, “Every night when I’m reading with Zed, Christopher will walk in but gets ignored, so he’ll whine, ‘Oi, say hello to dad!’”

The couple apparently fight with each other to get their toddler dressed! And daddy Lee feels that only he has the authority to touch Zed’s hair. He has been handling the little one’s haircut even before he turned one.

Mummy ready to be wing-woman for son

Zed Lee


Mummy Fann meanwhile, is willing to go all the way to support her son. Even if it means being his wing-woman.

Fann tells Toggle, “If he wants me to be his third wheel, I’m fine with it, I will help him get the girl.”

Daddy Lee, though thinks that would be a bad idea, “I don’t think he would like that…”

Lol, we can’t wait to hear more of the li’l one’s adventures growing up. 🙂

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