10 yummy organic snacks for kids

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Organic snacks are sans the preservatives that harm little ones digestive systems.

Organic is the buzz word these days for everything kids. These include snacks too. Experts say organic snacks are sans the preservatives that harm little ones digestive systems.

So if you are on-the-go and want to pack a snack that is healthy, yet tasty, here are a few organic options that are available off-the-shelf. Agree, they are pricey, and not always available at the local grocery store, but who says you cannot indulge your kids, once in a while!


#1 Nature’s Path Gluten Free Whole O’s

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A lot of mums nowadays are resorting to a gluten free diet for their kids. Gluten is said to be the cause of many allergies in kids. So, if you're looking for a gluten free cereal, Nature's Path Gluten Free Whole O's are perfect. These whole grain rice and corn O’s are lightly sweetened with pomegranate juice, and are super tasty. Little ones love picking them up to eat, and putting their fingers through the tiny O's.

Available at www.theorganicgrocer.com


#2 Clearspring Organic Rice Cakes

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Rice cakes are any toddler favorites. They are crunchy, and have a neutral taste which toddlers love. These organic ones  have no added salt. These are great to pack in snack boxes for school, or for  munching at home.

Available at www.theorganicgrocer.com


#3 Made in Nature Dried Organic Apples

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Kids don't like their fruit? Don't fret. Choose these organic dried apples which might help them develop a taste for apples. They can't substitute the real apples, but when kids get picky occasionally, some fruit is better than no fruit. Comes in a convenient sealable pack. Great as snack, when the 'apple a day' theory doesn't work.

Available at www.theorganicgrocer.com


#4 Barbara’s Organic Snackimals

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Kids love animals. So eating monkeys and elephants are also a big hit with them. Get kids snacking on these 'snackimals' which are made with the highest quality ingredients, without artificial flavours, colours and preservatives, that form the ingredient list of practically many biscuits.

Available at www.supernature.com.sg


#5 Bear Yo Yo Strawberry Fruit Roll

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Want to give your kids a dose of energy without indulging them in chocolate and candy. Try Bear Yo Yo fruit rolls which are tasty rolls of strawberry, apple, pear and a little vegetable gently baked, with no sugar added. Yum!

Available at www.supernature.com.sg


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#6 Let’s Do Organic Organic Ice-cream cones

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Ask a kid if he wants ice-cream. You have surely made his day. How about serving his scoop in an organic cone, sans the preservatives? Happy kid, happy mommy.

Available at www.supernature.com.sg


#7 Organix Apple and Orange soft oaty bars

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These healthy bars with a blend of raisins, apple and orange juice, go down so quickly. Hand one over to your screaming kid across the supermarket isle, and he will be back in no time with an empty wrapper. These bars are perfect for that extra dose of energy when you are on-the-go.

Available at www.supernature.com.sg


#8 Trafo Raisins in mini boxes

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Raisins are an all time favorite with most toddlers. They are sweet and fun to pick up. Try these organic raisins from Trafo which come packed in a box with a photograph of an animal, adding to the fun of eating raisins.

Available at www.supernature.com.sg


#9 Organix Goodies Cheese and Herb puffs  

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Little one screaming for chips? Try these puffs with cheese powder and a sprinkle of parsley as an alternate. Organix promises it doesn't have all the unhealthy ingredients that most chips brands do.

Available at select Cold Storage outlets

#10 Organix Goodies Alphabet biscuits

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Teach kids the letters through these Alphabet biscuits. Just kidding! Jokes aside, these biscuits are yummy, and perfectly sized for little ones to put into their mouth. They are supposedly also made with ingredients which are not harmful for little tummies. Way to go!

Available at select Cold Storage outlets

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Are there any other organic snack options that your little toddler loves?

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