Your night cream might be made of snail slime!

Your night cream might be made of snail slime!

Beauty shelves have seen everything from bees wax, bird poo and even bull's semen appear, but snail slime seems to have outshone the rest!

If you ever come across a product called ‘Elicina!’ where the dot on the bottom of the exclamation mark is shaped like a snail, be wary. Created in Chile, completely organic, natural, hypoallergenic and safe is what the label reads. What it does not mention is that 80% of the cream labelled ‘snail extract’ is the slimy mucus like secretion they collect from the underbelly of a snail. This is mixed with a 20% cream base and is sold in little jars for your face, eyes and body. You can even get a face pack that creates a mild stinging sensation, but is still made of organic snail slime.

Why snail slime is good for you

Now Elicina isn’t all bad. If you have severe stretch marks after pregnancy, acne or even a scar from surgery, this cream could work wonders for you. A must-have according to beauty junkies and a highly acclaimed product by many, Elicina is indeed safe to use even on your child. The best thing to do is not to think about what you are putting on your skin. The product is completely odourless and white in colour. It feels like any other face mask or cream, but the results are better. So if you’re one of those women, or men who would do anything to slow down wrinkles and have flawless skin, the snail is the creature you must turn to.

The power of snail goop

There’s nothing new about using snail slime to smooth skin, the Ancient Greeks recommended crushed snails for skin relief. The more recent discovery was made by Chilean farmers who realised how miraculously their skin healed and faded when they were handling snails to be used in French cuisine. This year, Elicina turns fifteen, so you have that many years of a guarantee that it has been a regularly used product on the beauty market.

Would you use it?

The question remains would you shell out $45 to smear snail slime all over your face? Does clear skin outshine the ‘gross’ element? Yes, is what most people seem to go with. After all these creatures would cost so much more if you were ordering them at a Parisian restaurant. If you wouldn’t here are a few ‘organic’ masks you can try creating at home.

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