Youngest Beckham member being pampered

Youngest Beckham member being pampered

Victoria Beckham is reportedly spending £150,000 on a designer nursery for her baby. That is approximately S$450,000! Will you spend this exorbitant sum of money to pamper your kids even if you are a multi-millionaire?

Beckham baby

The 36-year-old star is currently pregnant with her husband David Beckham's 4th child and the couple are sparing no expense for their new arrival, which according to reports is a girl.

A friend of the couple told Britain's Star magazine: 'She hasn't looked at a price tag for a single thing she's bought. If she wants it she gets it, no questions asked!

'Believe me, that baby will be surrounded in luxury from the minute she, or he, comes home from hospital.'

Victoria - who was said to have been told she was expecting a girl at a 16-week scan at the private Rivers Hospital in Hertfordshire, East England - has also ordered a rocking chair and cashmere robe from Petit Tresor, while she is snapping up blankets from Little Giraffe following a recommendation from friends Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.


The room is believed to have a 'bunny' theme, with the fashion designer planning to buy a £1,000 'French Bunnies' round cot with hand-carved woodwork from exclusive store Petit Tresor, as well as a matching nightlight and two lamps.

Even though she has hired a decorator, Victoria is overseeing the styling of the nursery, which is to have an 'old-fashioned theme with a shabby-chic feel'.

The source added: 'The decorator was pushing colours other than traditional girlie pink but she wouldn't hear of it. Victoria gave strict instructions that she wants the room to 'look like a little girl lives there.'

Source: xinmsn, babble

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