Xiaxue is running for Nominated Member Of Parliament!

Xiaxue is running for Nominated Member Of Parliament!

On April Fools' Day, popular blogger and social media superstar Xiaxue dropped a bombshell. She announced that she's running for NMP!

On 1 April 2018, celebrity blogger and Instagram superstar Xiaxue (aka Wendy Cheng) made a “Public Service Announcement”. She announced that she was running for Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP).

Yes, you read that right.

And no, she also made it clear that it wasn’t an April Fools’ Day joke.

Xiaxue running for NMP

And just in case you are wondering, “Why, oh why…?”, Xiaxue’s got her answers ready.

She writes, “In all seriousness for so many years people have always told me to use my influence for good and now I think I’ll try to. Maybe I can actually change the world a little.”

“The internet is the way to get the voices of the people, and I want to bring these voices to Parliament. There are many issues I’m passionate about which I’m sure loyal followers already know of, and I want to fight for these issues.”

“Anyway, NMPs are not elected by the public. The public simply nominate them. I’m not sure where the nomination should be sent to but I suppose you can try to do it in the comments if you think I should be NMP.”

“After the nominations a select committee of 7 MPs will erm, select.”

“A NMP should have:

 Rendered distinguished public service
 brought honour to Singapore
 Is a community leader. Erm leading the Internet media that’s like a community right?”

“I definitely fulfill all the criteria.They should also hold independent and non-partisan views, which I do! So in other words I’m perfect?

“Yeah ok now you can write your comment in the format: “I nominate Xiaxue as NMP because…” or do your own post with #xiaxueforNMP! Thanks!*politician goodbye wave*”

She has even photoshopped herself sitting in the Parliament!

However, she has also promised to look in to matters pertaining to women, motherhood and parenting. 


“I’m going to run for Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP). 💁🏼‍♀️ I don’t know if this will be my seat if I get selected but it was empty in this picture so I photoshopped myself inside. I think I really look like I belong.”

What exactly does an NMP do?

Xiaxue also enlightens us a bit about NMPs. She writes, “Anyway if you guys don’t know what an NMP is, NMPs are members of parliament who are appointed by the President. They are not affiliated to any political party and do not represent any constituency.”

She made a gaffe though, when she wrote, “9 are appointed every year to bring more independent voices into parliament. The NMPs can participate in debates in parliament as well as vote on most issues.”

In reality, 9 NMPs are appointed every two-and-a-half-years. NMPs in Parliament help to ensure a greater diversity of voices in the House. 



Singaporeans are invited to propose names of candidates to the Special Select Committee, which will then consider if those candidates have rendered distinguished public service, brought honour to Singapore, or excelled in certain fields. 

Xiaxue for NMP?

NMPs have the same rights as the MPs to raise questions, suggest legislation and make their views and opinions heard by making speeches on all matters before Parliament. They are also allowed to vote on all matters before Parliament except the following:

• constitutional amendments
• motions to remove the President
• motions of no confidence in the government
• Supply Bills, and 
• Money Bills.

When asked what made her ideal for the role of an NMP, Xiaxue told 8 Days, “I think I’m very well connected to what the youths think ’cos they often communicate with me via social channels. In that way, I think I’m a good candidate to convey their views to Parliament.”

She also revealed some causes she is passionate about, “Probably issues pertaining to the Internet (including freedom of speech), youths, or social issues about women/working moms.”

So what do you think dear readers? Are you looking forward to Xiaxue as NMP?

Meanwhile, here is Xiaxue’s post on Facebook:

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(Additional source: 8 Days, Gov.sg)

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