Write the perfect baby shower card

Write the perfect baby shower card

It’s time to head for your girlfriend’s baby shower party! You’ve got the quintessentials: box of chocolates and a baby gift selected from the registry-- Now all you’re missing is the perfect handwritten baby shower card to give with the gifts!

Baby shower greeting message

How to write a baby shower card greeting. Learn how to write the perfect message in a baby shower card!

If you’ve ever seen the calendar of a parent, it’s not uncommon to find that they may have upwards of 3-4 baby showers to attend in the same week! And for each of these events, parents have the daunting task of writing a personal and unique message in each and every card.

Let’s face it; it’s only natural to run out of creative ideas when it comes to conveying your true feelings via pen for so many occasions. This usually leads to replacing a handwritten message with generic text of a purchased pre-printed card.

But at theAsianparent, we say it’s time to show the expecting couple that you really care! So why not craft your own message for the prospective mum and dad with our help!

Here are a few pointers sure help you if you’re stuck on how to write the perfect baby shower card.

Step one: express your feelings

Start off by describing how you feel for the expecting couple in the baby shower card. Make sure to be generous with your positive adjectives. Using words like “thrilled”, “elated”, “excited” and “overjoyed” are a good way to depict how glad you feel for the young couple and their new addition to the family.  Make an extra effort to let the reader know how happy you feel to be included and how pleased you are about hearing the great news.

Example — “I am delighted to be part of your baby shower celebration and excited for the new addition to your family.”

Step two: shower the new family with positive words

Similar to step one, make use of positive and descriptive words in the baby shower card when talking about the expectant mummy and her bun in the oven. Describing the baby with words, such as “charming”, “angelic”, and “precious” can really bring a warm and fuzzy feeling to the reader.

One can also use words like “treasure”, “bundle of joy”, “little miracle” and “blessing” to refer to the new addition, which is sure to bring a smile to the faces of the expecting couple.

Example — “Congratulations on the news of your charming, little bundle of joy!”

Step three: tell parents-to-be to relax!

With the baby preparation and anticipation of childbirth, the parents-to-be are sure to be tired and exhausted. Don’t forget that you still play an integral role as their friend, brother, sister or confidant. Remember to offer a helping hand or remind them to take a break once in a while!

A good way to go about this is by taking a moment to see the new parents through a different lens. You should try to see them just as your friend or relative instead of parents-to-be. Make sure to appreciate them for who they are and commend them on how far they’ve come in the baby shower card. Tell them that they deserve a pat on the back for all the hard work and stress they’ve gone through.

Example — “Kudos to the proud new parents-to-be; we salute you!”

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Step four: personalise

There’s no point in writing your own greeting message if the baby shower card is going to be as generic and clichéd as the two-liner store-bought cards! Pen down your sincerity and write a message that you truly mean.

One smart way to personalise the message in your card is by constantly referring to your addressee by his/her first name or nickname. You should also weave in little anecdotes or inside jokes that you might have with them. Spend a minute to think of a memorable occasion or moment that you shared and jot it down to flare up the nostalgia. We guarantee that this method of relating to common experiences or fond memories will definitely tug at the heartstrings, and allow your message to melt the hearts of your loved ones.

Example — “Time sure flies, only yesterday we were….”

Some sample messages from theAsianparent to help you get started on writing in a baby shower card

Congratulations on the coming arrival of your little princess/prince! We are thrilled to be attending your baby shower. We are ecstatic that you two are going to have a new bundle of joy in your happy family. Here’s a salute for superb management of baby prep stress and we continue wishing you the warmth and love that your new treasure will bring!

Have a great baby shower! Our heartiest congratulations and the fondest wishes for your beautiful new family. Know that we are always here to support you if you need any help. Be sure to bust all that stress and enjoy the bliss and fulfilment of parenthood with the coming arrival of your charming little angel.

Do you have any tips for writing the perfect message in a baby shower card? Let us know what your secret is.

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