Write comfortably with Stabilo EASYErgo

Write comfortably with Stabilo EASYErgo

Mummy blogger, Angie Ng tried out the new Stabilo EASYergonomics experts range of pens and pencils with her little girl. Read to find out what she thinks of them!

When my daughter started learning to write, she tended to grip the pencil too tightly and sometimes experienced pain in her fingers after a while due to the wrong pencil grip. Now that she’s more or less more attuned to holding a pencil, she would still complain about discomfort when she has slightly more homework to do, such as to practice writing certain Chinese characters (which you know can be quite tedious). And so we started looking out for pencils which could be more comfortable to hold and write with for her – and decided on the Stabilo EASYergonomics experts (EEE) range.

stabilo easyergonomics experts

Check out the range of pens and pencils from Stabilo EASYergonomics Experts (EEE) range.

After using the Stabilo EASYErgo range, we felt that the products were created with the growing child in mind. Most of the designs incorporate soft moulded rubber grips for relaxed gripping to reduce muscle fatigue and painful bumps – no more complaints from my girl!

stabilo easyergonomics experts

Happily using her EASYergo 3.15mm Retractable Pencil ($14.45) to do her homework. The pencil comes with a special sharpener and stickers to write her name.

The EASY ergo is the only mechanical learner pencil made for children’s hands!

In addition, the unique writing zones guide fingers to the correct writing position, so that would be useful when my boy starts learning to write.

What I really like about the EEE range is that it has dedicated versions for left- and right-handers – they really put so much thought into the design!

stabilo easyergonomics experts

Stabilo EASYergonomics Experts pencils for right handers.

While most products are made for right-handers, the EEE range caters to left-handers as well. This feature could seriously help many right-handed mums who may not be familiar with the left-handed pencil grip teach their little ones to hold the pencil correctly.

We also got the EASYball Ballpoint Pen and EASYoriginal Rollerball Pen to try out to see if the pens were comfortable to use too. I have not-too-fond memories of writing 6-8 paged essays when I was at school and suffered from an aching hand and painful fingers. I think I would have really appreciated it if these pens existed back then!

Since my little girl doesn’t have a chance to use pens at school, I allow her to use the EASYball Ballpoint Pen and EASYoriginal Rollerball Pen to do her writing at home.

And usually it’s just for writing special notes 🙂

stabilo easyergonomics experts

Writing a love note to her dad with the Stabilo EasyErgonomics Experts pencil to ‘post’ in our DIY mailbox

The EASYoriginal Rollerball Pen is meant to be like a kids’ version of the fountain pen while the EASYball Ballpoint Pen writes really smoothly! I tried both pens and loved how the EASYball Ballpoint Pen glided across the page effortlessly and the EASYoriginal Rollerball Pen slides evenly over the paper without ink blots or stained fingers (problems commonly associated with using fountain pens).

stabilo easyergonomics experts

EASYball Ballpoint Pen ($10.50) and EASYoriginal Rollerball Pen ($16.05) both come with ergonomically-designed hollows for the index finger and thumb to rest comfortably while writing.

I’m sure you can guess that my little artist’s favourite item was the EASYcolors Coloured Pencils!

stabilo easyergonomics experts

The EASYcolors Coloured Pencils Box of 12 ($31.65) also cater to both left and right handers.

All the products in the range are designed and manufactured in Europe. And with the amount of thought that went into ensuring that kids can write and colour comfortably, it is not surprising that the EEE range has bagged numerous European and International design awards.

stabilo easyergonomics experts

My little right hander enjoying herself with the Stabilo EasyErgonomics Experts coloured pencils!

The Stabilo EEE range can be found at:

  • crosscom: 583 Orchard road #02-22/31 Forum the shopping mall Singapore 238884
  • ErgoKid: 501 Orchard Road, Wheelock Place,#03-07A Singapore 238880
  • Also available at selected Popular bookstores

Article written by Angie Ng (http://simplymommie.com/)

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Sandra Ong

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