World's Smallest Mother: Brave or Irresponsible?

World's Smallest Mother: Brave or Irresponsible?

Stacey Herald, the world's smallest mother, risked her life to have children.

If you were just a little above 2-feet tall and doctors have warned you that you could die if you get pregnant, would you still have babies?

Obviously, Stacey Herald's answer to that question is "yes". This 35-year old woman who has Osteogenesis Imperfecta still decided to bear children despite her condition. The condition causes stunted growth, brittle bones and underdeveloped lungs.

Mrs. Herald met her husband Will when she was working in a supermarket in their home town in Kentucky, USA. As soon as they got married, the couple immediately decided to have kids, in spite of doctors' warnings. Based on their reports, it seemed that Stacey's body was too tiny to have a baby. Medical experts said that a baby could grow so big, in proportion to her size, that it might crush her vital organs.

Will and Stacey were dismayed by what the doctors told them but they still decided to try having kids. Eight months after their wedding, they were thrilled to discover that Stacey was expecting. They were the only ones who were excited about it, though. Concerned members of their family, friends and even doctors asked them to reconsider but the couple eventually decided to go ahead with it.

Their daughter Kateri was born 28 weeks after. Their eldest child had inherited her mother's medical condition. And in spite of all this, the couple now has two girls and a little baby boy, all within three years.

If you had Stacey's condition, would you risk your life just to have a baby? Was the couple truly brave or very irresponsible? What do you think are the options for other couples who are in the same situation as Will and Stacey Herald?

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Karen Mira

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