Working long hours will not affect your relationship, says study

Working long hours will not affect your relationship, says study

A study published in the Human Relations journal has debunked the myth that working long hours has a negative impact on romantic relationships. Here's why

Unlike presumed conventional wisdom, a study has found that there is no negative connection between long working hours and relationship satisfaction.

Published in the journal Human Relations, this study debunks the myth that career-driven partners are unable to work on a romantic relationship. The research was also carried out to understand if dual-career couples should be hesitant to devote several hours to work if they fear its negative impact on their personal romantic relationships.

The team of researchers from Switzerland and Germany conducted the study for SAGE, in partnership with The Tavistock Institute. They studied 285 couples to examine the associations between the partners’ working time, private lives and happiness in their respective relationships.

The researchers explain how career driven people who are investing long hours into work, crucial in the pursuit of their career goals, are also aware that they can’t have everything in their private lives. Therefore, compensated for the time lost with their partners by making the most of time they have after work.

So the next time you blame long working hours on a stressed relationship, think twice. It’s now scientifically proved to be wrong.

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Deepshikha Punj

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