Wong Li Lin Chats About Loopz and Life with theAsianparent.com

Wong Li Lin Chats About Loopz and Life with theAsianparent.com

TheAsianparent.com interviews Wong Li Lin. Among other things, Li Lin shares about managing a business and a ensuring a good relationship with the in-laws at the same time!


When you’re popular and you marry someone popular, cameras are bound to be on you till the interest fizzles out allowing some much-needed privacy. But pop a child out and another one and the cameras are back there again. How do you deal with that, manage a business, be a dedicated mother and still have a body to die for? Well TheAsianparent hopped down to one person who is a living example of these – Wong Li Lin. With her new product Loopz hitting town, Li Lin shares about managing a business and ensuring a good relationship with the in-laws.

TheAsianparent.com (TAP): Tell us about Loopz.

Li Lin: It’s a revolutionary exercise band -- superior to conventional ones in that it has multiple tensions in one band, more comfortable, durable and safer -- gives you bang for the buck while helping you get the best shape you want!

TAP: What made you decide to develop this?

Li Lin: I came up with the first prototype like 14 years ago! There are a multitude of benefits to exercising with resistance bands but conventional bands are limited by the fact that you need one band per level of tension, and that you need a fist grip to hold onto the band to exercise. I had Pilates clients who were literally unable to perform resistance exercises because they had a hard time holding the bands. Some were also worried about them snapping in their faces. So Loopz is really a product of working on a proven structure (resistance exercise) and improving it multi-fold.

TAP: Monthly, new products announce their arrivals with promises of a slimmer shape and better circulation, all within accomplishment by a certain amount of time. How does Loopz stand out among its competitors?

Li Lin: Well ultimately a better shape has to come from YOU. No amount of pills and wraps can do that for you. My philosophy is about removing the barriers to exercise and equipping you with a method for life long fitness. I don’t believe in fads. I believe in tried and true ways to getting in and staying in shape. Loopz is outstanding in that it is a tool that can help you understand your body to deliver the best body conditioning. Each exercise can be performed individually in a short time – standing at the kitchen, in front of the computer – or in a series to make up a workout routine. The beauty of this on one level is that it allows you to fit exercise in your life. My intention is to help you habituate fitness and the starting point is finding a way in to exercising regularly. Loopz is the no-brainer way for that. And if you are already disciplined in a regular regime – great! Now Loopz can introduce you to the over 650 muscles in your body, working them individually or in small groups at a time to optimise your workout and shape!

TAP: You’re known by few to rule the kitchen. Any chance of a business venture brewing in the kitchen perhaps a cookbook or cooking show?

Li Lin: Wow...that could be fun. I wouldn’t say ‘No’ if the opportunity came up!

TAP: How has Motherhood been treating you and vice versa?

Li Lin: Motherhood is the best thing that ever happened to me. Of course I should thank the other best thing -- my husband -- for providing me with this opportunity! It is teaching me many things I should have understood earlier as a human being – compassion and love. Everyday is a lesson. I think being a parent is one of the greatest fortunes in the world. I don’t know of any other situation where you are more loved wholeheartedly and without judgment.

Love goes around and comes around, it really does. In this positive outpouring, one feeds on it to create other positive behaviour. As a parent I really strive to become a better person because I know my kids embody my behaviour rather than what I preach. And you know how hard it is to change yourself right? It’s a huge undertaking! But not only do I do it gladly, I do it with gratitude. I am also more motivated to make my work a success because I want to provide. My children have given me a clearer sense of direction.

TAP: What have your children taught you and what have you learnt about yourself after becoming a mother?

Li Lin: They have taught me love. That many things can wait. That some things can’t – like a listening ear, hugs and kisses or the bug on the wall that their ‘good eyes’ have suddenly spotted! I’ve learnt that I’m least patient when I’m hot, hungry and bothered!

TAP: Who is the disciplinarian in the family?

Li Lin: I guess, me.

TAP: Are your in-laws based in Singapore?

Li Lin: In laws are in the US. So are 2 out of 3 of my brothers. Thank goodness for Skype I say.

TAP: Any tips to sustain a good relationship with the in-laws?

Li Lin: Be respectful. They raised your spouse. Bite your tongue if necessary and be supportive. Also it’s important to have your own space respectively. This way in-laws won’t become out-laws!

TAP: You and your husband have been in the media for a good period of time now. Any words of wisdom to the children if they decide to venture into the local entertainment scene?

Li Lin: Have fun, as I would encourage them with most things in life. And don’t take yourself too seriously.

TAP: Any plans to expand the family?

Li Lin: Not at the moment!

: Over here at TheAsianparent.com, our motto is ‘Parenting with an Asian twist’. Share with us an Asian twist in your parenting style.

Li Lin: I encourage the discovery of the outdoors within our Singapore context – poking at mimosa leaves, picking up angsana seeds, blowing on blades of grass.... when they’re older I’d like to introduce Asian games such as Five Stones! I already have a pack ready to go!

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