Woman suffers stillbirth after hospital refuses to admit her

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“Why did you come back?” the doctor allegedly said. “I told you you can’t afford it here. Go to East Avenue hospital instead. You can still make it in time.”

Childbirth should be a celebrated event. Unfortunately for this Filipino, such was not the case when they were denied access to medical services for not having enough money to pay for bills.

Andrew Pelayo recalled the harrowing experience he and his wife endured after they were allegedly turned away by the doctors of a local hospital. Before their arrival, his wife had already been bleeding.

Upon their arrival to UST hospital, she was settled into a room where the doctors could examine her. Based from the heartbeat they heard and the movement count they detected inside of her, they figured that the baby was still alive.

The doctor emerged from the room minutes later and told him that the birth canal was still closed, and that they could still go to a different hospital. When he said that they rather stay put, the doctor gave them a computation of fees.

“Sir, you should have brought at least Php 20,000 (SGD$589.24) to be admitted,” she allegedly said. “We use cash basis in this hospital. You can’t afford it here.”

Later, she allegedly forced him sign a waiver, but Andrew could not recall what it said; his primary concern was that to make sure his wife and unborn child were safe.

They rushed to Jose Reyes hospital, but upon discovering they they didn’t have an incubator, the couple decided to go back to UST hospital.

“Why did you come back?” the doctor allegedly said. “I told you you can’t afford it here. Go to East Avenue hospital instead. You can still make it in time.”

“Please, doc,” he said. “I’ll find a way to make it work tomorrow, just attend to my wife. She can’t take it anymore.”

Left with no other option, he brought his wife to East Avenue hospital. En route, however, his wife said that she could no longer feel the baby moving inside her.

When they reached the hospital, the staff immediately sent the couple into the operating room, but when they listened for the unborn baby’s heartbeat, they heard nothing.

The doctors delivered the baby, but it had died in the mother’s womb.

“It’s a good thing you made it,” the doctor said. “A few minutes later and your wife would have died too”

She delivered a stillborn after hospital refused to admit her

Photo courtesy: Facebook/Even Demata

Choosing the right hospital for you

Childbirth is already a fraught time for everyone involved, don’t make the mistake of adding your hospital concerns on your list of things to worry about. Here are mindful things to consider in choosing the right hospital for you:

  • the care that you’ll receive and the effects of that care
  • the quality of your relationship with your main and other caregivers
  • the amount of information you receive
  • the choices and options you will have, particularly during your labor and birth
  • the degree to which you are involved with decisions about your care.

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James Martinez