Woman in China Pulls Down Pants And Gives Birth To Baby On The Street

Woman in China Pulls Down Pants And Gives Birth To Baby On The Street

It all happens in a few seconds...

You might have read the story about a woman in China who seemed to casually give birth on the street, then walk home with her little bundle. 

Another similar incident was reported recently, also from China.

In the video,  a woman is seen moaning softly, and then struggling to pull down her underwear and pants. Almost immediately after she does that, her baby drops out onto the ground in a rush of birth fluids and still attached to the umbilical cord. 

The video is not dated, neither is there much information about what happened. But, the mother does look very confused and not sure about what to do, even pulling her purse away from her baby . 

Woman in China Pulls Down Pants And Gives Birth To Baby On The Street

The baby is seen still attached to his mum by the umbilical cord.

The baby lets out a loud cry as he lands on the ground with a thump, and passersby can be heard shouting,  “Hurry, hurry! The baby is going to die! The cord is strangling the child’s neck!”. 

The helpless child is seen struggling in a pool of blood and amniotic fluid, while the woman looks on seemingly shocked and confused. 

It’s only after some time passes by that an elderly lady who seems to know what to do, helps out by placing the little one of a piece of cardboard and wrapping him in a piece of cloth. 

What to do in the event of a sudden birth*

Though the best place to give birth is in the presence of a trained professional, incidents like what happened in China can truly happen when least expected. If you find yourself in a similar situation, here are emergency childbirth first aid tips to remember.

What you will need

  • Towels, newspapers, and plastic sheets
  • Soft blanket or lampin for baby
  • Gloves, if available
  • Clean, sturdy string or shoelaces to tie umbilical cord (Sterile tape, if available)
  • Plastic bag or ziploc bag to store placenta

Once the baby is born, remember to slightly lower the baby’s head once you hold her. Why? This helps drain excess fluid from the throat and nose. DO NOT hold her upside down or spank her bottom to get a good cry.

Be gentle when cleaning the baby and wrap her in a soft, dry towel or blanket to provide warmth. Normally, newborns start pinking or gaining good colour once breathing normalises.

If you notice that the newborn isn’t breathing normally, place her on her back and rub her chest or pat the soles of her feet. If this doesn’t work, newborn CPR may be needed. To find out how to do this, refer to this tutorial.

When it comes to cutting the umbilical cord, it’s important to remember to do so ONLY when the cord stops pulsating or beating. Once the beating stops, tie it with a sturdy string or clean shoelace tightly, about 4 inches away from the newborn. Then make another tight knot 2 to 4 inches away from the first one.

Then cut in between the two knots. In hospitals, milking the umbilical cord towards the baby before clamping or tying it is practiced to make sure all the nutrients from the placenta are absorbed. In emergency situations, however, it would be best to act quickly.

Remember to wrap the newborn in a dry, soft blanket and place her on her mum’s tummy to facilitate early bonding.

*Remember to note the official time of birth 

Watch the viral video here: 

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