Win a Christmas playdough kit from Tickle Your Senses

Win a Christmas playdough kit from Tickle Your Senses

Sensory play kits provide wonderful play opportunities for little kids. Tickle Your Senses are your sensory specialists who can provide you with lots of options.

Felicia and Chiao Chyi, the mumpreneurs behind Tickle Your Sensescreated sensory play kits for kids after years of experimenting with them with their own kids. All that they produce is non-toxic, taste-safe, and definitely of premium quality because they do not sell what they would not give to their own kids. Only after their own kids have approved of the product do they put them in the shop. That's their guarantee anyway, they only sell what they are willing give their own kids.

Sensory play

The purpose of sensory play is really multifold. It not only develops fine motor skills in children, but does so much more:

1. It allows a child to imagine, create, investigate and explore without having to conform to specific 'rules' or limitations of an electronic toy. These open-ended and free play experiences are essential at early developmental stages to help children express their creativity and build self-esteem.

2. It allows children to build logical thinking skills such as comparing sizes (big vs small), learning shapes, matching colours, counting numbers, learning the alphabets, etc.

3)  Sensory play also encourages children to use descriptive and expressive language to describe their experience. Sensory mediums are designed to make the meaning of words more tangible for children.

Tickle Your Senses Sensory Play Kits

The Build-A-Snowman Kit is a Christmas version of Tickle Your Senses' popular Body Parts Playdough Kit. This 28-piece kit comes with everything you need to build a snowman! Accessories that will get you in the mood for some festive fun and creativity are also included, such as:

  • 4 150g tubs of red, brown, green and white playdough
  • 28-piece Build-A-Snowman Kit [twig hands, carrot nose, buttons galore]

tickle your senses

The Christmas Cutters Playdough Kit is ideal for the Christmas Season and can double up as cookie cutters as well. Cut, stamp, decorate with the following accessories included in this kit:

  • 4 150g tubs of red, yellow, green and white playdough
  • 1 star extruder
  • 4 cutters (star, dove, tree and man)

tickle your senses

Tickle Your Senses will be heading to Capitol Piazza's Christmas Fair on 18-19 December (Fri & Sat)! This is the best time to grab their sensory kits as Christmas presents! Come by and have a feel of their premium scented playdough and therapeutic water beads if you would like to try them out before making a purchase!


Capitol Piazza
13 Stamford Road S178905, Outdoor Plaza L1
December 18, Friday, 6-10:30pm
December 19, Saturday 3-10:30pm

These lovely playdough kits are also available for purchase here. However, we have a special giveaway just for our readers!

Win a Tickle Your Senses Playdough Kit!

2 lucky winners stand a chance to win one set of either one of the Playdough kits. Just enter your details below!

Contest ends 20th December 2015


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