Win brand new Anti-Bacterial Feeding Bottles by Tollyjoy!

Win brand new Anti-Bacterial Feeding Bottles by Tollyjoy!

Get your baby to transition easily with Tollyjoy's new Anti-Bacterial Feeding Bottles! Read on to find out how you can win a set!

For mummies who are helping their little ones transition from breast to bottle feeding can now feel safe.

Tollyjoy has just release their brand new new Anti-Bacterial Feeding Bottles that have added protection against milk contamination.

It features their Anti-microbial Nano Silver (Ag+) technology that prevents up to 99% if bacteria growth.

Not only that, each bottle is also fitted with its own Anti-Wind Feeding Nipple that has a unique valve system - which self regulates the air pressure within the bottle and helps to reduce air ingestion during your baby's feeding.

This brand new release also allows liquids to flows easily while helping to minimise the occurrence of a few common feeding problems - colic, tummy discomfort and flatulence.

Coupled with a soft silicon nipple specially design to emulate a mother's breast and an easy grip arched bottle shape for babies to grasp, this will definitely help ease the feeding transition.

Someone mentioned a free set?

Of course! 3 lucky winners stand a chance to win a set of these bottles from Tollyjoy! So hurry, enter your details below! Winners will be contacted soon

    • Standard Slim Neck Bottle - 180ml
    • Wide Neck Bottle - 240ml


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