Win tickets to Aviva Superfundae and enjoy a family date filled with fun and silliness!

Win tickets to Aviva Superfundae and enjoy a family date filled with fun and silliness!

Get ready for an outrageously fun family date at Aviva Superfundae, an all-day outdoor event where everyone can let loose and be silly. Find out how you can score free tickets here!


Photo courtesy of Ready Steady Go Kids

Drop the gadgets. Go outdoors. Unwind, let loose, have fun.

Wouldn’t this make a wonderful family weekend mantra? Shouldn’t it be your family’s?

Let’s face it, mums and dads. Our daily responsibilities at work and at home can bog us down tremendously that by the end of the week, all we’d like to think about is to relax and do nothing. It’s easy to forget, but injecting active family fun into our weekend routine is also a great way to recover from the previous week’s stresses and to feel energized enough to tackle the week ahead.

Much like any fitness regimen, having an active family weekend routine takes just one step to get the momentum going. So why not take the family to that first step at Aviva Superfundae?



Photo courtesy of Ready Steady Go Kids

Aviva Superfundae is an all-day outdoor event that promotes fun and silliness, a healthy and active lifestyle, and close family bonding. The plethora of multi-disciplinary activities fall under four categories: 1) Sports, 2) Arts & Crafts, 3) Music, Expression & Movement, and 4) Exploration. All these activities will help to hone children’s physical, communicative and creative skills, as well as their curiosity and sense of thrill.

Turn your little tykes into a ninja with a multi-challenge obstacle course! Watch your little ninja slide, bounce and wind his way through twists and turns, potholes and crawlspaces. Dodge through a cacophony of attacks and enjoy a glorious victory at the end of this quest!

But if you’re looking for less physical but equally rewarding activities, you may go for the wave boarding race, riding the squiggly car, milk dash for kids, beer dash for parents (dads, you’ll love this), interactive story telling, mosaic workshops, creative soap clay making, and mass dancing with everyone (mums, you know you can’t help but wiggle those hips!).

Aside from engaging activities, Aviva Superfundae also offers a free movie outdoor screening, live bands such as 53A and PennyLane, picnic, food and — dads, this is worth highlighting — beer! Oh, and have we mentioned there will be FREE SUNDAES all day and a cannon that fires up FREE CANDY at every hour? We’re not joshing you.

The only caveat to attending Aviva Superfundae? As much as possible, leave the gadgets at home, mums and dads. Be completely in “fun mode” and let the outdoors and family togetherness take over for the day.

Trust us, one whole day at Aviva Superfundae and you’ll always look forward to having a fun and active weekend with the family.


Eager to bring the family for a ridiculously quirky and fun day? You just might get outrageously lucky and win one of two (2) sets of Aviva Superfundae family tickets (two adults and two children per family) valued at $112 per set. Plus, on top of the ticket giveaway, one (1) teepee sponsored by The Couture Crown is also up for grabs! To join, simply fill out the form below.

Contest period: 18-31 May 2015


Aviva Superfundae will be held on 20 June 2015, 10AM – 9PM, at The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay. Admission ticket is $28/entry, which includes FREE entry to more than 20 activities. The ticket price excludes $3 Event Clique booking fee. Food and beverage to be purchased separately. Other terms and conditions apply. For full list of activities and other details, visit


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