Win a Comfort hamper worth $200!

Win a Comfort hamper worth $200!

One lucky winner will receive a Comfort hamper containing Breeze trolley; a set of laundry bags; a travel organiser; a Breeze umbrella; 2 sets of Breeze with Fragrance Of Comfort; 2 sets of Breeze Power Clean; 3 bottles of Comfort Pure; and 2 bottles Comfort Anti-Bac.

More about the brand

Comfort is a fabric conditioner that is available globally, with numerous variants such as Comfort Easy Iron and Comfort Bright Whites. It is also sold under local names, such as Drive and Yumoş in some markets. Comfort was the first fabric softener to be launched in the UK in 1969.

It is currently the leading fabric conditioner in the world. It’s been developing ways to make clothes more comfortable for over 40 years by feeling and smelling amazing, so your whole family can live life in Comfort and flourish!


Comfort Ultra Pure Fabric Conditioner

Comfort Ultra Pure is the most trusted fabric conditioner for sensitive skin. It’s special formulation helps prevent cloth fibres from becoming too matted and scratchy, keeping them smoother for that softness everyone loves.

Endorsed by a leading dermatological institute in Vietnam, it is dermatologically tested to be gentle on even the most delicate and sensitive skin – so mums and dads don’t have to worry about the possible dangers it can do to your child’s tender skin. Additionally, their mild fragrance has been designed to be kind to sensitive skin too. Its light scent is as gentle on your nose as Comfort Ultra Pure is to the skin it touches.

10 reasons why clothes LOVE Comfort Ultra

– Shape retention
– Reduced wear and tear
– Easy ironing 
– Keep clothes cleaner

– Skin kindness
– Breathability
– Deo - freshness

– Anti-static

– Colour care
– Faster drying

Ultimate laundry tip

For hand wash, use after washing clothes with detergent and rinsing. Pour ½ cap of Comfort Ultra in 10l of water. Soak clothes for 10-15 mins and squeeze the clothes and dry them. For machine wash, use 1 cap and follow individual machine instructions.

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