Wiggle Boks is the subscription box that every parent needs in life

Wiggle Boks is the subscription box that every parent needs in life

Wiggle Boks is incredibly value-for-money

Do you remember the first few months after delivering your baby? No? Yeah, us too. It was such a steep learning curve. With barely any time to breathe, you’re amazed that you got everything you needed done. Wouldn’t it have been nice if you had more help during this time? Wiggle Boks, a subscription box service, wants to step in with a helping hand. 

What is Wiggle Boks?

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Wiggle Boks is delivered to your home monthly (depending on your subscription) with curated items based on your baby’s age.

Wiggle Boks is a subscription service which delivers a surprise box to your doorstep every month (or one-off, depending on your subscription). 

Here’s what you can expect from a Wiggle Boks: 5-6 curated mummy and baby products from a wide range of brands, based on your baby’s age and gender. Sometimes, you can’t even find products from these brands in your home country!

According to its co-founders, Raisa and Timothy, they are in the business of making the parenthood journey a little bit easier, more fun, and most importantly enjoyable for both parents and their little ones.

From toys to bath soaps, Wiggle Boks let parents explore a range of options without ever having to leave home or spend too much on full-sized products. Wiggle Boks sends both full- and sample-sized products. There are also exclusive coupon offers in the box, tailored to parents and their babies so they are able to save on baby products if they make a purchase after trying it out in the box. 

“Our subscription boxes grow with the baby, ensuring that every baby gets relevant items at every stage of their development,” adds Raisa. So you will never have to worry about receiving the same product twice or products that are irrelevant to your baby!

Wiggle Boks plans

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Choose a Wiggle Boks plan that works for you.

Currently, Wiggle Boks comes in two major options. One is a monthly subscription and one is a one-off purchase. One-off purchases are popular for those looking to shop for a Wiggle Boks for their friends or family members who are expecting or who have just given birth.

The monthly plan is a subscription service that can cater to parents at every stage of their baby’s development. There are currently 6-month or 12-month plans. 

Wiggle Boks takes it to the next level by personally contacting subscribers to ask what their favourite baby items or most used items are and their box accordingly for the year.

Review of Wiggle Boks 

wiggle boks

theAsianparent review of Wiggle Boks: Value-for-money and convenience delivered to your doorstep every month.

We at theAsianparent Singapore decided to get a one-off Wiggle Boks to see what we would get. When the box arrived, it came in a simple brown box, tied with a pretty ribbon. We love the presentation of the box, as it is both simple and classy at the same time. 

When you open the box, you will find the 5-6 curated items neatly packed in the box. The items are packed close together and are cushioned and separated by some shredded paper. 

In our Wiggle Boks, we found a Playgro sensory toy. This is perfect for a teething baby. The sensory toy comes jingly bells and little chew rings. Playgro does not ship directly to Malaysia or Singapore. Though you might be able to find the toys at selected baby product stores around the country, it is nice to find in a surprise box. This attests to Wiggle Boks’ promise to send items that are value for money and hard to find in your respective countries. The Playgro toy retails for about RM45.50 (S$15).

We also got a Bare Nuhcessities box of Bare Calming Oat Soak. Bare Nuhcessities is easily found. But it is one of those products that you can never have enough of. It is one of the most sought after baby skincare brands. This product is great because it is suitable for any baby. It can also be used no matter the baby’s age. We found that the retail price for this was about RM32 (S$10.60) per box.

The next item we found in the box was a Nuby Comfort Silicone First Bottle. Since our box caters to babies aged 0-6 months, this is perfect for new mums who want to try out different bottles before committing to one. This bottle retails for about RM44 (S$14.60) each. 

Considering the cost of subscription for the Wiggle Boks starts from RM115 (S$38.15) per box (if you subscribe to the 12-month package), the fact that three items alone already add up to RM121.50 (S$40.30), makes the subscription incredibly value-for-money. Not to mention, it’s free shipping. 

Beyond the three items, we also received a packet of Korean Snapkis Premium Baby Travel Wipes (which retails for about RM6.50-7.50 outside) (S$2-3), a Mimosa Baby Safe Nail Clipper (RM9+ outside) (S$3), as well as Buds Everyday Organics sampling kit (not available for purchase). 

Our verdict

Wiggle Boks

We can definitely see the value in subscribing to Wiggle Boks. It is convenient to get the items every month right at your doorstep. Additionally, you will be getting items that are age-appropriate for your baby and that you can use daily. As we calculated above, it is incredibly affordable considering what you get in exchange. 

It is definitely something new, busy parents can appreciate.

An additional feature offered by Wiggle Boks is this: A few days before you get your Boks, they will give you a sneak peek of two items that will be featured in your upcoming Boks. If you already have them, or you don’t think your baby needs them, you can pause your subscription, or skip the month in your Account Page on the Wiggle Boks website

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