Wife poisons husband and parents-in-law after she was criticised for her cooking!

Wife poisons husband and parents-in-law after she was criticised for her cooking!

A scorned wife poisons her husband and her parents-in-law after she got tired of constantly being criticised for her cooking!

There’s an old saying that goes, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” And in this tragic story, a scorned wife poisons her husband and her parents-in-law during a family celebration.

What spurred her to do the unthinkable? 

Wife Poisons Her Husband and Parents-In-Law

wife poisons her husband

The woman poisoned the food which killed five people.

A 28-year-old woman from India reportedly served poisoned food during a housewarming party. The poisoned food caused the deaths of five people, and the hospitalisation of 120 others.

A senior police officer shares, “After five days of intense probe, we arrested housewife Pragya Survase on charges of mixing insecticide in food that was served to guests at one of her relative’s housewarming party in Mahad village Monday (June 18).”

Police said that during the questioning of family members, the woman broke down and confessed to the crime.

Local police chief Anil Paraskar shares, “Survase has confessed to the crime citing marital, family disputes.”

She said that she did it to take revenge upon her husband, her in-laws and their relatives because they taunted her for her complexion and her cooking.

Police will be charging her with murder, attempt to murder and conspiracy charges. Her victims include several children, and she faces the death penalty for her actions.

It’s Important to Work on Your Marital Issues

Marital issues are common in any marriage. That’s why it’s important for married couples to know what they can do to fix these problems.

Here are a few ways to ensure that you can work out any problems you encounter in your marriage:

  • Communicate with each other. Take the time to talk to each other openly and honestly, and share your thoughts and feelings with one another.
  • Listen and understand. Listening is very important in a marriage. Make sure to not just listen, but also understand what your spouse is trying to say.
  • Make an effort to be better. People like to make excuses whenever they get criticised about something. It’s always a good idea to take criticism in stride, and not always be offended by it.
  • Your marriage should be a priority. Married people need to know that their relationship with each other is important. Having a healthy and thriving marriage can have a positive impact on your family, and it should always be a priority.
  • Share your problems with each other. Don’t be afraid to speak up. You need to be able to trust that your spouse will listen, understand, and help fix any problems you might have in your marriage.


Source: Straits Times

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