Wife beats husband's mistress in public: Is this fair?

Wife beats husband's mistress in public: Is this fair?

Will beating up the mistress solve your husband's infidelity...

Every so often we would come across video recordings where a wife beats mistress and shames her in public for being a homewrecker. With adultery not being a punishable crime in many countries, some betrayed wives have resorted to taking matters into their own hands as a way of revenge. Remember the “mistress killer?” 

Recently, another “wife beats mistress” video has been doing the rounds that actually has us feeling rather sorry for the mistress. 

In the video, the scorned wife is seen on the phone barking at her husband to come and watch her beat up his mistress of three years. 

The mistress is seen crouching at the wife’s feet. Her hair is firmly in the grasp of the furious wife. It looks as though she had already beaten the mistress because the woman can be seen crumpled on the ground. 

After making the woman admit to everyone that she is a mistress and a homewrecker, the wife proceeded to ridicule her even more despite her pleading.

wife beats mistress

Wife beats mistress in Tangshan City, north of China’s Hebei Province. | Image credit: AsiaWire

Wife Beats Mistress as Means to Deal with Betrayal

It is unclear how the wife managed to track down the mistress. But there was no mercy once she got her hands on the woman. While she punished the mistress, it’s very clear that the wife’s anger was raw and real. We would like to warn you that this video is of a distressing nature. If you wish to watch the full video, you can view it here.

Years of infidelity would have painted a thousand images of the cheating pair together in the mind of the wife. Meanwhile, she is left  alone to wallow in misery, struggling with betrayal and hurt. 

It is only human to want justice, karma or revenge. Nothing hurts more than to be so crassly replaced with a younger, prettier version of you.

So, it’s no wonder why so many “wife beats mistress” cases emerge, and violent ones at that. In most cases, the cheating husband gets off scot-free even after committing such horrific relationship crimes, while wives are left trying to figure out what went wrong and try to piece things back together.

wife beats mistress

Wife beats mistress and forces her to admit that she is a homewrecker. | Image credit: AsiaWire

And while we definitely feel these scorned wives’ pain and heartbreak, why is it always the mistress who gets punished? Why aren’t those cheating, lying husbands dealt with in the same way? 

Take a moment to pause and think, before considering taking the “wife beats mistress” route. Would this solve anything? Would it save your marriage? No, it won’t. It might make you feel better for a short while, but it won’t fix a trust that is broken.

To Reconcile or to Walk Away

Instead of resorting to violence or calling it quits right away, consider these few pointers first:

#1 Ask yourself what you really want and be honest with yourself

Wishing that it never happened is pointless, so concentrate on what truly matters before making your decision. Having to deal with infidelity is terrible. So even if you believe your husband is worth saving, be wise and be careful.

#2 Consider what he is willing to do to make it right

Is he willing to go the extra mile to rebuild the trust that was broken? Is he being accountable for his actions? You might think with your heart, but remember to think with your head too.

#3 Decide for yourself

#4 What are the consequences of your decision?

Are there any children involved? Would your decision make your relationship stronger? Will you really get through this? Will he cheat again?

#5 Seek help

Be it help from counsellors or legal advisers, look for those who can be of assistance to help you figure out what to do next. Perhaps they can help you see things from another perspective or even to reconcile. You never know.

If all is lost and there is no other way, be brave and walk away. It takes two to make things work. You might feel very small now, but with time you will build yourself up again. And when you are ready, you can begin to build trust all over again.


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Lead and feature picture credit: AsiaWire

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