Wife arrested for attacking hubby with cupcakes

Wife arrested for attacking hubby with cupcakes

Picture a red-faced hubby with a frosting-smeared body. Looks like a possible foreplay scenario, right? Wrong. Not for this case. A Chicago woman was arrested for using cupcakes as weapons for a domestic dispute.

Wife arrested for attacking hubby with cupcakes

Fluffy pillow or food fights are usually lighthearted and fun. Hurling flour, sugar or even fudge at your honey can lead to other activities—Ahem! But apparently cupcakes can also be used as weapons in domestic violence.

A woman from Chicago was actually arrested for attacking her husband with cupcakes. Really? No kidding! It sounds more like a joke than reality, but truth is stranger than fiction. The woman was charged with a misdemeanor count of battery.

Wife arrested for attacking hubby with cupcakes

Sugar bomb attack

Do we hear some snickering? We don’t blame you. Who would think that cupcakes could be a weapon of choice? Perhaps in a fit of rage, anything you can get your hands on can serve as ammunition.

Those not-so-deadly cupcakes hit the husband on the head and body—apparently hard enough to urge him to call the cops on his wife. Cook County Circuit Judge Adam D. Bourgeois Jr. ,who worked on this case did not take this incident lightly.

The cupcake attack cost the woman a lot more more than flour and eggs. She was sentenced to electronic monitoring and was handed a $10,000 bond. She’s also expected to wear an ankle bracelet. The upcoming scene is almost comical but when police arrived at the scene, the woman’s husband was covered in icing and even claimed that he was “in fear” of the wife’s dessert-flinging violence.

Wife arrested for attacking hubby with cupcakes

What a sweet couple…

Just in case you were wondering, the woman who initiated the cake fight is no spring chicken. You would think this is juvenile behaviour, right? The woman, Dawn Montesdeoca is actually 50 and her husband, Arturo Montesdeoca is 56.

Apparently, the fight started off as a verbal agreement at around 7:30 p.m. on Saturday and ended up getting more physical.

Somedays we get entertaining domestic violence cases like this one—to lighten up the mood. We must say—what a waste of perfectly good cupcakes. If you enjoyed this piece, we have more kooky wife-attacking-hubby stories. Keep your eyes peeled for part two…

What is the silliest thing you’ve done during an argument with your partner?

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