Wife finds out that husband was the blood donor who saved her life 11 years ago

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Destiny has a strange way of bringing people together!

Why is donating blood important? Because “you might have a chance to save your future wife”!

Don’t understand? Read this heartwarming story of Lin Xiaofen and her husband, Lian Zhicheng.

Destiny has a strange way of bringing people together!

Why is donating blood important? Read this couple’s story!

According to Huanqiu.com, in 2008, Lin, who is from Taiwan, passed out one day and needed to get hospitalised. Her condition became critical and she was diagnosed with bleeding disorder.

Her life was eventually saved after receiving 10 units of blood and two units of isolated platelets.

Cut to 2015, when Lin went back to Hsinchu, a city in northern Taiwan, to take over her family business. That’s where she met Lian, a glutinous rice dumpling seller. The couple hit it off instantly, and felt a strange, telepathic connection between them.

why is donating blood important


Lin soon discovered that Lian was a guy who donated blood regularly, because he believed it could save a person’s life.

When Lin told him about what had happened in 2008, he even joked, “Could it be my blood that you used?”

That made Lin curious. Was it really Lian who was her life saver?

Fate brought them together

She felt she needed to know the answer. So, Lin called the hospital and blood donation centres, but was told that the donor’s details had to be kept confidential. Lin, however, was persistent, and finally the staff gave in, and revealed the donor’s surname – Lian.

Lin couldn’t believe what she had heard, and checked if his identification number matched with her husband’s. It did. Even Lian was shocked to know the truth.

He now encourages the public to donate blood, because you never know, “you might have a chance to save your future wife”.  

why is donating blood important


Blood donation in Singapore

Blood is needed to save lives in times of emergencies and to sustain the lives of those with medical conditions, like leukemia, thalassaemia and bleeding.

Here are some basic requirements to become a blood donor in Singapore:

  • You should be between 16 and 60 years old. Those aged 16 and 17 will need to complete and bring a signed parental consent form.
  • The donor should weigh at least 45 kg and should be generally healthy and not on medication.
  • Must not have any symptoms of infection (eg. sore throat, cough, runny nose, diarrhoea) for at least one week.
  • Must not have had a fever in the last three weeks.
  • Should have a haemoglobin level of at least 12.5g/dl. 

When not to donate blood

You are advised not to donate blood if:

  • You are currently undergoing treatment for a major illness or surgery (if so, please wait for 12 months)
  • Are experiencing heavy menstrual flow or pregnant 
  • Have a fever (please wait for 3 weeks)
  • Have upper respiratory tract infections such as cold, flu, sore throat or any other symptoms of infection without fever (please wait for 1 week after recovery).

Where to donate

You can make a blood donation at any of these 4 blood banks or at a community blood donation drive near you:

(Source: Huanqiu.com, Pear video, Red Cross)

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