Why I love being a mother

Why I love being a mother

Motherhood has changed me. Here are three reasons why I love being a mother despite all the challenges that come my way.

Despite the lack of sleep (still), the constant latching (still), no chance of going to New York for holiday (yet) , plus all the horrible stories you hear about motherhood, there are still many reasons why I love being a mother.

Being a mother involves so much dying to self but I am glad too that motherhood involves so much dying to self. I realize I struggle so much with some of the sacrifices because I am so used to living for myself. I made most decisions in my life by cost-benefits analysis. I have never learnt to totally put someone's interest before mine, until I had a child.

Being a mother has made me more merciful. 

Before I had a child, I had some parenting skills and ideas which I subscribed to. No co-sleeping, no pacifier, not allowed to be rude, to name a few. However, being a mummy made me realize that things are not that simple. No pacifier could mean having the baby crying for hours. No co-sleeping could mean waking and walking to the cot to pick him up five times a night.

And boy, I did teach him all about manners and insist that he greets you hello but he just may not oblige. So I learnt , the mother who gave an iPad has her reasons to do so. The mother who breastfeeds until the child is five also has her reasons for doing so. I find myself giving people more benefit of doubt and I like that change in me.

Being a mother has compelled me to love.

I do not know if the body did indeed reconfigures once you get pregnant , but you really cannot help but love. Have you ever looked at your friend's child and think secretly that the boy is not cute at all? Hence, you find it totally irritating that the parents keep exclaiming about how cute or smart the boy is? To me, that is the beauty of parenthood. That every parent finds their child adorable and thinks the world of them. That every parent desires to give their child whatever best they can afford.

And it's actually really not just hard work. I had lots of fun too. My son's antics are hilarious! I enjoy the trips to the playground and exploring new places; I made friends with other mummies; I have another reason to shop - buy more clothes, fun toys and other cute but useless stuff and I enjoy holding his hand, sitting beside him and doing things together.

Motherhood brings me such pure joy which I think only comes with being a mummy.

It's a different happiness from getting a new bag or a promotion - although I'm not rejecting those!  When my little one breaks into a huge grin upon seeing me, when he puts his little arms around my neck, when he tries to pronounce mummy and when he does all his little antics, my heart goes into flutter and I thank God for giving me a child.

I did not know watching a child sleep could make my heart so full.  So I finally came to understand how some happiness really cannot be bought. 

My heart is full and my soul is glad, and I exclaim once again, I love being a mummy!

What makes you love being a mother?

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Written by

Lynn Chu

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