Why Does Your Belly Button Pop Out During Pregnancy?

Why Does Your Belly Button Pop Out During Pregnancy?

Thinking about  bodily changes during pregnancy is common to all pregnant women. But about belly button changes? This is a body part that most of us rarely think about.

Your belly button does go through some changes during pregnancy. The most common one is experiencing a protruding navel or having your belly button pop out during pregnancy. This is commonly called an “outie.”

Why does the belly button pop out during pregnancy?

The navel or umbilicus is the scar left by the cutting of the umbilical cord after birth. The shape of the navel varies somewhat from person to person. The navel can be an ‘outie’ or an ‘innie’. The ‘outie’ is basically a protruding or convex navel. Your ‘innie’ belly button can also become convex during pregnancy.

It happens due to the increasingly growing belly which pushes the navel skin outwards. This can lead to a perfect popped out navel, although it does not happen to all pregnant women. A popped out navel usually occurs during the end of the second trimester when the belly starts to grow faster than ever.

Should you worry if your belly button pop out during pregnancy? 

Why Does Your Belly Button Pop Out During Pregnancy?

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A popped out navel is something perfectly normal during pregnancy. As your belly expands, there is increased pressure in this area. However, a protruding navel can also be a sign of an umbilical hernia. If there is any pain and bulging tissue in the navel area, it could be a hernia.

This affection is most common in babies, but it can occur in pregnant women too. The main risk factor is having had an umbilical hernia as a baby.

An umbilical hernia is basically a small hole in the abdominal wall. The condition will usually heal on its own, as the tissue will start to heal and the hole will slowly close up. However, in pregnant women, the condition can last longer due to the constant pressure.

What can you do if you suspect an umbilical hernia?

It is best to let it heal on its own, as attempting any procedures during pregnancy can be risky. However, if the condition becomes more serious such as an incarcerated hernia or if the bowels protrude through the navel, there is need for surgical repair.

These complications are very rare, even during pregnancy. However, if you experience any tenderness in the navel area, it is best to seek medical advice. Your doctor will decide what is the best course of action for your particular situation.

All in all, whatever may be the shape of your belly button during pregnancy, you should wear it with pride. Also, remember that it will go back to its original shape shortly after giving birth.


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