Toilet training regression - what can you do about it?

Toilet training regression - what can you do about it?

Are you wondering about toilet training tips? Read about this Singapore mum story on toilet training her child and the regression she experienced.


How to deal with toilet training practice in your child’s school

Singapore Mum Needs Help on Toilet Training Regression:

My elder daughter who is two years old was actually toilet trained already. But recently, since she has been in childcare for the last two months, she has been wetting herself in school. This does not really happen at home. I have recently given birth to a younger daughter who is four months old now. Her school teacher told me that she can’t leave her alone to attend other kids. Is it jealousy or does she need attention? Need advise on this! 

Answers from our Singapore mummy community on toilet training regression:

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Nanthini Kanaswaran Yeary: When you put a child in school her environment changes so her body ways changes too. She needs to get used to it and the teacher needs to remind her. playing can make her forget. You also had a new baby so she is overwhelmed with a new baby and a new daycare. she will come through. my daughter is 8 and she still gets acccidents when she is over whelmed.

Rohane Ahmad: She is still very young. Children who had just been toilet trained tend to wet themselves every now & then. Patience is the key word here when handling with very young children. Also they tend to hold their ‘urgency’ to the last min just so they can play & by the time they need to go to the toilet its a little too late.

Cecelya Toh: Though your child is toilet-trained.. She’s still adapting to school environment.. She might not be able to express her needs.. Given time she will be fine.. Do not scold her but continue to encourage her.

Grace Ho: I think she is just overwhelmed by the many changes in her life. She’s still very young, even adults have such accidents, let alone a young child? For her teacher being unable to leave her alone, I think it may be the anxiety in her childcare. Has she made any friends yet? Maybe due to her anxiety and lack of friends, maybe she is more attached to this particular teacher?

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