Why choose a photography studio for family photos in this day and age?

Why choose a photography studio for family photos in this day and age?

Your smartphone has a camera, or maybe you even have an awesome digital camera. Why go to a photography studio to have your family portraits?

Hart Tan, the esteemed master photographer at Tomato Photo sits down with us to discuss why he feels that using a professional service is always best when it comes to your precious family snaps and memories. 

Hart feels that if you are passionate about preserving your kids' childhood memories in a tell-it-like-it-is style, then a photography studio is the right place for you.  It is all about showing your kids those memories through your personalized artwork around your home and in an album. 

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At Tomato Photo, they make the process so simple. They do it all so you can relax and walk away with beautiful memories of your family.  “The smile on your face when you see your images for the first time is priceless and is what drives me to create images”, says Hart.

Hart shares that his clients has one common need. It is the need to capture and preserve the natural memories of their children with them in it.

“You should walk away from a shoot feeling relaxed and excited"

We asked about the secret to his 100% success rate. Hart said to simply be the child’s best friend and treat the family the way that makes them comfortable.  

Photography is just a medium, and at Tomato Photo, they focus on your family experience.  "You should walk away from a shoot feeling relaxed and excited for the photo outcome," says Hart. Your beautiful memories will be presented to you via online gallery within a week and you will be guided you in your ordering process through email at the pace you prefer.

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Tomato Photo 

Tomato Photo has a range of products and package collections to suit your creative and budget needs.  Hart Tan is a proud member of the Master Photographers Association in UK. He does both studio and location shoots around Hong Kong and Singapore with a studio in Joo Chiat.  Check out his website for more samples of his work and style and the possibilities of what he can do you for family.

www.tomato.sg or give Tomato Photo's team a call to discuss your photography needs: TEL: 8858 0088

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