Who's the mum? The viral family photo that's been baffling the internet

Who's the mum? The viral family photo that's been baffling the internet

Meet the three ladies whose family photo has left the internet awestruck

The internet does love a good challenge. And this is the latest one they're obsessing over.

Just recently, "the dress debate" threatened to break the internet as it split everyone into two groups: one who believed it was white and gold while the other half believed it to be blue and black.

At first glance, it's easy to think this is just a regular photo of sisters taking a selfie in a car.

But, apparently, one of them is the mother of the other two.

16-year-old Kaylan Mahones revealed this by way of the accompanying caption which read, "Mum, twin & me".

Thus far, the photo of Kaylan with her twin Kyla and mom Tina has been retweeted nearly 35,000 times!


Many twitter users have expressed their disbelief and have shared the photo along with the hashtag #blackdontcrack, a common expression referring to African-Americans whose smooth, flawless skin tends to make them look younger than their age. 





Can you guess who's the mum?

The answer is...

who's the mum

The twins' mum, Tina, is the one on the far left wearing a black jacket!

Did you guess it correctly?

Due to the success of their first photo, the trio have been granting interviews and media appearances.

They posted a video onto their new instagram account; this time, they're actually challenging the internet to tell them apart!


When your mom thinks it's a picture..lol #whosthemom ?????

A video posted by #momtwin&me ???? (@momtwinandme) on

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