When things get in a rut in your marriage

When things get in a rut in your marriage

What to do to improve a relationship that may be getting monotonous.

Every relationship falls into a rut once in a while. But it's never a bottomless pit - conscious effort and sensitivity to the other person's needs may be all it takes to fix this seemingly omnious situation.

If you too want to boost your love life, take the initiative. And what better way to experience passion than by starting to show it? It is important to make sure that your love life does not turn into a monotonous routine.

In a relationship, we may often fall into the habit of taking the other person for granted. A relationship takes a long time to build and if we stop appreciating the little things, we start to slowly destroy it.

Making your significant other understand how important he/she is will help rejuvenate your relationship. When it comes to relationships, small things really matter a lot.

Remember to say “I love you” to your partner when you feel like it, it will surely brighten up their day and your relationship. An enthusiastic good morning hug, the occasional cute note left on the coffee maker before you whizz off to work and the surprise phone call at lunch to ask how their day is going may all go a long way in making a relationship more fruitful for both partners.

The first step to showing appreciation is to start noticing what you really do love about them. When you pay close attention, you may even pick up on things you never noticed about them before. Nurturing relationships grow out of mutual admiration, so do your part.

There may be things about your partner that have started to irk you. Remember how you didn't notice them when you first fell in love? Well that's because you were enamoured by the things that made it worth it. Rekindle that feeling by reminding yourself of what those things were.

Talking out your feelings with your partner is a remedy like no other. True, it might sometimes lead to arguments and hard feelings, but if you keep an open mind in the conversation and are willing to accept what you might be doing wrong, there's a high chance things may improve.

Relationships need a lot of love and care so that they stay healthy. So, invest your best efforts for the same.

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Written by

Sandra Ong

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