What's the right age to start Potty Training a Toddler?

What's the right age to start Potty Training a Toddler?

Are you wondering when you should begin potty training your toddler? We tell you the signs to look out for!

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There are several milestones in the life of a parent; one important one of which is being the parent of diaper-free toddlers. It’s a joyous occasion, to say the least! The question that comes with this milestone, however, is when. When is the right time to potty train my toddler?

The signs that your tot is ready to be potty trained

You will know your toddler is ready to begin the process of potty training when:

  1. They have fairly regular bowel movements (predictable time frame) and can stay dry for atleast 2 hours. 
  2. They wake up dry from naps
  3. They stop what they are doing to go in their diaper. They will stop and concentrate on what’s happening, grunt and/or hold themselves
  4. They dislike being wet and having dirty diapers
  5. Knows potty lingo - They have words for pee, poo, dry, clean, wet etc. 
  6. They show interest in your using the bathroom-often asking questions
  7. They understand simple, straight-forward instructions and can carry them out

Why this is such a good time

When your toddler exhibits two or more of these signs, the time is right for you to begin potty training your toddler. There is no one specific day in the life of a toddler that is right for potty training to begin. Some will argue that 2 is way too early-waiting until a child is 3 or even older. But the age of 2 has, for several generations, been considered the time to begin-and with good reason.

Generally speaking, the two year old is old enough to follow simple instructions such as ‘tell me when you have to go potty’ but young enough to not be exerting their independence to the point of wilfully resisting your efforts in potty training.

The two year old finds great joy in the simple joys of new undies and simple rewards for their success. Older children have moved on to bigger and better things. It takes more to motivate them.

While two year olds have the reputation of being ‘terrible’, this is usually from a busy, adventurous standpoint. Two year olds love to please and mimic their parents. Great strides are often made when it comes to potty training based solely on being like dad or mum.

When it might be wise to wait

Toddlers who are going through traumatic situations may not be ready for another major occurrence in their lives. In fact, trying to take away the familiar routine of diaper changing can cause more harm than good or be a complete failure if any of the following exist. If they do, just wait a few weeks or even three or four months until things settle down into a new normal. Then begin.

  • Moving
  • Divorce
  • New sibling
  • Serious illness
  • New caregiver

Potty training schedule

You know our toddler better than anyone. By being in tune to what they are saying emotionally, physically and verbally, you will know when the time is right. And when it is…go for it!

When did you start potty training your kids? Share with us by leaving a comment below!

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Written by

Darla Noble

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