The ABC’s of potty training for you and your child

The ABC’s of potty training for you and your child

There is an abundance of advice and information online about potty training, which can be overwhelming and can also lead to confusion. Read more to find out the simple ABC's of potty training to get you on track!

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Find out more on the ABC’s of potty training!

About the time you are ready to potty train your toddler, they are also learning so many other things. They’re learning colours, simple numbers, and letter sounds. Yes, these are exciting times for you and your child. But guess what? They aren’t the only ones that need learning. The lessons you are learning about being a parent have only just begun as well. Here’s how to get started on learning the ABC’s of potty training as a parent:

A – Appraise the situation
Watch for the signs of readiness in your child and act accordingly.

B – Begin with the right equipment
Don’t begin potty training without having a few necessities on hand. You definitely need access to a potty chair or child-sized seat, big kids’ undies, waterproof pants, and some rewards. All of these things are essentials in the process of making potty training a success for you and your child!

C – Concentrate on consistency
Practice makes perfect. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Failure is just a step away from success. Being consistent is the only way your toddler will learn the methodology of potty training. They have to learn that the potty is to be used EVERY time they need to go — not just at bedtime or after nap time.

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D – Don’t get discouraged
Potty training is a process. Your baby didn’t sleep through the night right away, but that certainly didn’t stop you from doing what you could to help them get there. The same holds true for potty training.

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Check out more letters of the alphabet to help you in potty training you child

E – Encourage
Your children love to please you. Encourage them by telling them how proud you are of the fact that they are growing and getting bigger. Encourage them by telling them how happy you are that they are learning new things — including how to go on the big potty.

F – Focus on your child
Each child is different. What excites one doesn’t another. The key to successful potty training is to know what emotions and actions your child best relates to and use those to address the issue of potty training.

G – Grin and bear it
Accidents are going to happen. It can’t be helped so just grin and bear it and know that this, too, shall pass. No toddler or preschooler is going to get it right from the start. There may even be setbacks.

H – Hang in there
It takes time for little ones to master the art of staying clean and dry. By being calm and patient, reassuring rather than nagging, and by making it a natural milestone rather than a state of warfare, both you and your child will be happier with the results of your efforts.

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Having trouble with potty training? These ABC’s will definitely help you out!

I – Inspire independence
You’re all about getting them out of diapers, but what else are you doing to encourage them to be a big boy or girl? Inspire independence in other ways and then watch them grow and thrive by leaps and bounds…right out of their diapers.

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J – Jump up and down and do a happy dance
Do the hokie-pokie and turn yourself around because you made it! Your toddler is diaper and accident free — nights included!

…And, there you have it! The ABC’s of potty training aren’t written in stone, but they are kid-tested and mum-approved. Give them a try and then tell us what you think.

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Darla Noble

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