What's in: 2013 nursery designs and themes

What's in: 2013 nursery designs and themes

The latest nursery designs for 2013 incorporate some old with the new. Check out the twist!

What’s in

There have been some huge changes made in the way people decorate their baby’s nursery over the past years. Nursery designs have expanded to more than just fictional characters. Some of the newer trends have started concentrating and incorporating designs and colours instead of just focusing on generic themes. New mums are finding a wide variety of designs available to them. Almost anything you can create with your two hands can be used for a nursery design.

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Graphic patterns

Dimensional graphic patterns

The popularity of graphic patterns has grown over the past few years. Layering patterns to offer a more attractive design is the latest in high trends among nursery designs. You can choose all different styles of patterns to use. Many decorating stores have started carrying panels with predesigned graphic patterns. These are very easy to install and can be changed as often as you want to.

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Art deco

Art deco nursery designs

Art deco panels have been used for many, many years in the world of interior design. But only until recently, it gained so much popularity. These art deco panels are predesigned and cut into a specific shape. Great for ceilings or walls, they can be used in many places other than just nurseries.

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Crystals and glass

Modern living nursery trends

While crystal and glass may not be the most conventional idea of a nursery for some people, the latest trend definitely incorporates these 2 elements. Available in an assortment of colours, they add a flair of sophistication to your baby’s nursery. Many parents are choosing this type of décor because of the elegance it provides for the room. Modern living décor can also be very useful in a nursery for visiting guests. The nursery can actually double as a guest room when done up with décor like this.

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Hanging memories

Gallery walls

We say it’s the perfect way to design a nursery and display family memories. Using pictures and artwork to decorate with, it will allow you to utilize things you may already have on hand. You can either choose to base the décor on colour or content of the art work. Either way it is a hit this year with many nurseries.

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There are so many new trends this year that you may feel a little overwhelmed. Many trends will stick around for years, while others can fade. The nursery design you choose for your baby should show personality and engage your child. You will not find shortage on ideas no matter which choice you go with.

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