How to create a safe environment for baby's nursery

How to create a safe environment for baby's nursery

Creating a safe nursery ensures the well-being of your baby, especially when you can't watch them every second of the day. There are a lot of ways to completely baby-proof a room but are you familiar with all of them? Find out how to make sure your baby’s nursery is safe.

creating a safe nursery

Stressing over creating a safe nursery for your baby? Check out these must-not miss tips!

Decorating a baby’s nursery can be an extremely fun home project and a memorable time for both parents. But, one should not forget that a lot of accidents can happen inside that very nursery that was put together so lovingly. Each accident can easily be prevented if the room is baby proofed ahead of time. We share some important things to keep in mind when trying to create a safe environment for your baby in their nursery.

Check the crib/floor bed

If you are planning to let your child sleep inside a crib, make sure that it is of high quality and passed several safety standards. The stats of the crib, if any, should not be that far apart to prevent the baby’s head from getting stuck. Any cords, ribbons, buttons and removable paddings should be removed to prevent choking or strangulation. The screws and bolts should be tight. If you plan on using a floor bed, keep it simple. Avoid using loose sheets, too many pillows and overly thick blankets. Do not position the crib or bed under wall shelves as well as near windows and doors. Keep it away from the room where it will be hit by direct sunlight too.

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Secure windows and doors

All the windows in the nursery should be free of any cords, especially from blinds and curtains. Always lock windows especially those low ones that the baby can get to. Also, avoid putting any furniture near windows. It might tempt babies to climb up just so they can see outside. Doors in the nursery should be fitted with slam stoppers to prevent tiny hands from getting caught.

creating a safe nursery

Find out why it’s important to arrange furniture accordingly to create a safe nursery

Arrange furniture accordingly

As much as possible, put only much-needed furniture in the nursery as this plays a major role in creating a safe nursery environment. Crowding a small space with lots of furniture just increases the chances of accidents happening. If you are using previously owned furniture units, make sure that they are stable especially changing tables and chairs. Put latches on drawers and cabinet doors to prevent the baby from opening them. Cushion all furniture corners to avoid injuries. Tall and heavy furniture pieces should be bracketed on the wall to prevent them from toppling over.

Check outlets and electric cords

In creating a safe nursery, all electrical outlets should be covered if not in use. Utilize covers that are sturdy and hard to remove by any determined infant. As for the electrical cords, ensure that they are all hidden and out of reach.

Decorate wisely

Creating a safe nursery includes decorating the room wisely. Start by using only lead-free paint to add color to the room. Steer away from heavy mirrors or picture frames. Overhead mobiles should be removed as soon as the baby can roll over. Do not put any decorations in the room with long ribbons, strings and tiny, removable parts.

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Safe toys only

Choosing only safe, age-appropriate toys is an important part of creating a safe nursery. Watch out for small parts and toxic paint, meticulously read the toys’ labels and purchase only from reputable brands. As for the storage of the toys, utilize an open chest or one with a slow-closing lid to prevent any baby fingers from getting hurt.

Do you have any more tips on creating a safe nursery? We’d love to hear from you.

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