What your walk says about your personality

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Like appearances, each person’s walk is different and unique from any other individual. Some people walk fast while others like to take it slow. Did you know your walk can give away a lot about your personality? Find out what your walk is saying about your mood and personality!

your walk

Find out what your walk says about you!

It’s safe to say that each person is unique and different in their own way. It could be in terms of appearance, attitude, fashion sense, interests…and even the way a person walks. Yes, each person’s walk is different and can help to identify an individual. Interestingly, your walk has the ability to reveal a lot about you, and can even give away a lot of information about how you’re feeling. Find out what your swagger is revealing about your personality right now.

Fast walkers
People who walk fast are, obviously, individuals who want to get somewhere fast. But more than that, fast walkers tend to be people who have high energy and are typically go-getters. They can be identified as individuals who are confident, courageous and all about having no-fuss in life. They also expect other people to keep up with them. If they are escorting someone, fast walkers often guide and walk ahead of their partners instead of walking alongside.

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your walk

How would you describe your walk?

Slow walkers
Individuals who walk slowly or have short strides are classified as being relaxed. They tend to be more laid back and calm. People who walk slow should always keep alert as they are more susceptible to accidents and ill-behaved individuals. When walking at night, they should avoid crossing their arms. Crossing of the arms indicates vulnerability and fear, which always attracts predators.

People who stomp while walking are agitated, angry or frustrated. Stomping may be bit childish, but some people can’t help but to do it anyways.

Quiet walkers
Walkers who walk timidly and quietly are described as having low self-esteem and being shy. In order to appear more confident, people who walk quietly are encouraged to walk in a brisk pace with longer strides.

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