What your sneeze says about you

What your sneeze says about you

Did you know that your sneeze could give away a lot about your personality to casual observers? Find out what your sneeze says about you!

your sneeze Find out what your sneeze says about you to other people

What your 'aa-choo' says about you

It's normal for people to sneeze even though they're not sick. Sneezes are triggered whenever we breathe in foreign particles that irritate our nose or sinuses. Through each one of your sneezes, the particles are flushed out effectively. Some people sneeze more often than others simply, because they are more sensitive.

Naturally, just like laughter, people also sneeze in different manners. This is because personalities play a large role on how people sneeze. This might sound ridiculous, but your sneeze can help to categorize what kind of person you are and what type of personality traits you possess depending on the style and loudness of your sneeze.

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Types of sneezes

'Get it done' sneeze

A person who sneezes like this tends to hold it in but fails. Instead of a soft, restrained sneeze, it escalates into a forceful and loud sneeze that often surprises a lot of people. If you are a 'get it done' type of sneezer, you are naturally blunt, decisive and straight to the point. You wish others to be the same as well and often get disappointed when they are not. Some sneezers who belong to this category can be impatient and tactless.

'Be right' sneeze

Your sneeze is called as such when it is released with the mouth covered appropriately. This is may also be loud but the sound is effectively stifled. The 'be right' type of sneezer is a stickler for rules and is generally neat. This type of sneezer always carry a handkerchief or tissue as well as sanitizer for the hands. If you are this type of sneezer, you shy away towards aggressive, rude and messy people. You are also seen as conventional and often resist change.

your sneeze What kind of sneezer are you? Does the theory match your style of sneezing?

'Get along' sneeze

This type of sneeze is discreet and as quiet as sneezes get. This is the daintiest sneeze ever.  'Get along' sneezers are friendly and polite. These sneezers can also be shy and introverted. They are often seen doing only the “proper” things in public as they are scared of what other people may think or say about them.

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'Get appreciated' sneeze

These sneezes are those that are loud and often emitted in successions. People who are the 'get appreciated' type of sneezers are born leaders. They are charming and influential. Although these people have a lot of things on their minds, they don’t have the talent to see attention to details.

It’s the genetics

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If you don’t like the way you sneeze, you should blame your parents. Sneezing styles are actually inherited genetically and if you observe carefully, you are actually sneezing just like one of your parents. Which parent do you think you inherited your style of sneezing from?

Be hygienic

No matter how you sneeze, make it a habit to always cover your hand with a handkerchief or your hand. This is not only good manners but it also prevents germs from spreading from person to person. To maintain proper hygiene, wash your hands with soap or apply alcohol or hand sanitizer.

Now that you know how sneezes are interpreted, do you agree with it? Are you really the type of person that is described in the sneeze category that you belong to? Please comment below to tell us what you think. For more on why you sneeze, watch this video:

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