What To Wear (And Not To Wear) For Your Baby Delivery

What To Wear (And Not To Wear) For Your Baby Delivery

Being fashionable will be the last thing on your mind when you're about to give birth, but here are some important tips you should consider before heading to the hospital

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You’ve planned your baby’s outfit for the big delivery day, but what about your own?

You’ve got your birth plan and hospital bag all packed, ready for the much-awaited D-day (delivery day), including your little one’s special coming home outfit.

But have you given much thought about what you will wear to the hospital to give birth, during the actual delivery, after your baby is born and your own going home outfit?

Whether or not you are a fashionably conscious mum-to-be, we give you the low-down of the practical outfits to wear and tips on what to avoid for that exciting day.

Going to the hospital

When your water breaks, or you’re anxiously thinking about your scheduled C-section, the last thing on your mind is probably your OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) and especially if the labour pains have started, you will no longer care even if you’re wearing a potato sack!

But if you are able to quickly change your attire before heading over to the hospital to give birth, you may want to consider the following points:

Remove all bling bling

At the hospital, you most likely will be asked to remove all your jewellery such as necklace, earrings and rings, because it might interfere with certain medical procedures or get snagged on something as you’re writhing around during labour pain.

Remember to also take out any body piercings (tongue, navel, nose, lip, eyebrow, etc), because in the event that you require a C-section or any other emergency procedures, they could get in the way and pose to be a safety hazard.

You might also misplace your jewellery at the hospital amidst all the excitement of D-day, or perhaps even risk it being stolen, so it’s best to leave such expensive or sentimental items at home.


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Remove the nail polish on your fingers before you give birth

Skip the manicure

During labour and delivery, if your oxygen level starts to drop, your fingernails will turn blue, thus alerting the medical team.

That is why it is advised that all nail polish, tips, wraps, gels etc should be completely removed, or at least from the index or middle finger on each hand.

For mums who have opted for a C-section, there will be a probe placed on the end of your finger in order to read the oxygen level in your blood, which will be hindered by artificial nails or nail polish. 

Lay off the foundation and body lotion

It’s best to go bare-faced, or at least just try to apply minimal makeup as the same reason applies that the oxygen level in your blood needs to be monitored by observing your skin tone.

Also, in the event that there is a need to put surgical tape on your face or body, it may not be able to stick properly due to the makeup or cream on your skin.

If you are having a natural delivery, all that sweating will probably cause your makeup to come off anyway, so just embrace the au naturel look — and don’t worry, you’ll still be a gorgeous mama.

Comfort is key

Towards the end of your last trimester, you’ll probably already be living in your ultra comfortable yoga pants and your husband’s oversized t-shirts.

It’s best to stick to loose and stretchy clothing such as a maxi dress or large t-shirt with shorts for your own comfort and so that it can be removed easily without any tough buttons or hard-to-reach zippers.

Opt for slip-on shoes or sandals as well, because you really won’t have the time to be fussing over shoelaces or shoe buckles when you’re about to deliver a baby!

Keep reading to find out what else you should or shouldn’t wear to give birth

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Embrace the granny panties or disposable underwear!

Go commando

It’s not really something you’d think about, but when you’re going to give birth, you’ll have to remove all underwear (bra and panties).

So don’t bother about choosing that fancy lacy bra or that cute pair of polka-dot panties to wear to the hospital, because it’ll all have to come off anyway.

Or if you’re up to it, you can even make your way to the hospital sans under garments, so you’re ready to push from the get go!

On that note, do remember to pack some large and comfy underwear or disposable ones too, as you will experience postpartum bleeding (for those who had a vaginal delivery) which requires you to wear maternity pads.

Hospital gown or your own?

When you check in to the delivery room, the hospital will provide you with their own gown for you to change in to — however as comfortable as they are, the colour choice and frumpy cutting is far from being Instagram-worthy.

If that is something which concerns you, there are now some pretty fashionable (yet practical) delivery gowns or women’s birthing wraps made from soft materials that come in various colours and pretty patterns, you can order online for your big day.


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Expect lots of blood, sweat, tears and more!

There will be blood

Do remember though that there will definitely be blood and other body fluids which will get everywhere and probably stain everything.

If you choose to don your own special attire during the delivery, be prepared for whatever you are wearing to end up looking like it’s seen better days.

The plus side about using the hospital gowns provided is that there will be an endless supply of it available should you need to change into a new one, and you don’t have to worry about the dreaded laundry once you get home!

Picture perfect

After your little one has been delivered safely, next will come the endless photo-taking and steady stream of excited visitors who are eager to see the new baby.

If you want to look a little presentable in the pictures (although most of them will be of your bub anyway) and for your family and friends who have come to visit you in hospital, a nice cardigan, a lovely silk or cotton robe, or pretty scarf should be enough to jazz up that drab looking hospital gown, plus keep you nice and warm at the same time.

Using a nice hair accessory such as a bedazzled hairband or floral hair clip can also add a lovely touch to your whole look, while also keeping your hair out of your face.

Light makeup such as compact powder, some blush and tinted lip gloss should also help to give your face a bit of colour in case you need a little confidence booster — but don’t overdo it and look like you’re about to go clubbing at Clarke Quay!

Homeward bound

Although you huffed and puffed and already pushed a baby out, unfortunately your postpartum belly will make you look like you’re still in your second trimester.

This is because your uterus, abdominal muscles and skin has been stretched out so much for the past nine months, it’s bound to take some time for your body to bounce back again.

So leave the skinny jeans and cropped top out of your hospital bag and pack in a nice flowy dress with cute prints instead — especially if you have C-section stitches.

Although a baby isn’t really a fashion accessory, cradling your newborn bub in your arms will definitely create a picture-perfect motherhood look.


What outfit did you wear when you were headed to the hospital to give birth? Is there anything else you should avoid wearing? Tell us in the comments section below.

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