What Wives Want: Kate Pang's Message to Andie Chen is Loud and Clear!

What Wives Want: Kate Pang's Message to Andie Chen is Loud and Clear!

What wives want: What is Kate Pang trying to tell Andie Chen?

So what if you are a celebrity with a hot body?

Men will still be men, and hubbies will continue to behave like hubbies do.

Actress Kate Pang recently took to Instagram to share her 'woes' and most of us wives were like, "O, we so know that feeling!"


婚姻就是: 老婆在旁边穿着bikini,老公还是只注意到手机message.... #hello #大哥 #Iamhere @andiechen

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She writes, "When the wife is wearing a bikini, but the husband sees nothing but the message on his phone. #hello #iamhere"

O-Oh! We think Andie Chen might have run into some serious trouble that day! ;)

Isn't it amazing how hubbies all over the world are so uniformly good at ignoring their wives?! :)

Is it true then, that familiarity breeds contempt?

How many times have we wished that our hubbies would bother to stop and think about what we wives really want? 

And what do women really want in a relationship?

1. To feel loved

All we women really want is to feel wanted and needed. Madly so. 

A woman wants her man to care for her. She is emotionally insecure and needs that constant reassurance from her husband that she is being loved.

In fact, women even value emotional security more than financial security!

2. To feel seen and be heard:

Do you know that feeling of 'feeling invisible'? When you get the cold shoulder and feel like no one ever listens?

We women absolutely hate that.

We value communication over physical intimacy. Our feelings matter a lot to us, and we can't just switch off our thoughts and concerns.

We need our husbands to empathise with us, to be good listeners and to be able to make out when we are having a bad day.

3. To be appreciated and valued

A wife needs to feel that she is an equal in the relationship, and her contributions are valued and respected.

We love praises and appreciation and gentle reminders that we are being loved. 

We usually don't take that well to criticism, but if you must, criticise us with love and kindness, please!

4. To feel sexually desired

There is this constant emotional need to know that your husband still finds you beautiful and desires you passionately.

Don't treat us like you "own" us though. Treat us with respect, and we promise to return the favour. :)

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