Top Chinese and English baby names

Top Chinese and English baby names

We take a look at the top English and Chinese names for 2012, which will be popular choices for any new Asian parent.

English and Chinese baby names

Get inspired to choose a name for your baby

The year of the dragon usually signals a baby boom, especially in Asia and countries with a significant Chinese population. This is because it is believed that the zodiac sign of the dragon is highly auspicious, with the dragon symbolising prosperity, luck, wisdom and superiority.

For many Chinese parents, to realise the full potential of their baby’s zodiac sign, you have to choose the characters or words that are associated with that zodiac (in this case the dragon) to form a part of the name. Chinese symbols to look out for are those that denote ‘sun’, ‘moon’, ‘king’, ‘order’ and ‘long’.

Here we share some names that will be popular this dragon year as they reflect Chinese characters that embody these characteristic traits of the dragon:



朝雨  Chao-yu 昂杰  Angjie
春华  Chun-hua 晨朗  Chenlang
春岚  Chun-lan 高旻  Gaomin
春雪  Chun-xue 鸿晖  Honghui
晗玥  Han-yue 景天  Jintian
晶晶  Jin-jin 俊晖  Junhui
晶茹  Jin-ru 朗朗  Langlang
明珠  Ming-zhu 学智  Xuezhi
月朗  Yue-lang 子昂  Zhiang
晓楠 Xiao-nan 智阳 Zhiyang

Dragon baby names: characters for ‘king’, ‘order’ and ‘long’:


Girls Boys
长娟 Changjuan 炳君 Bingjun
丽君 Lijun 长平 Changping
令燕 Lingyan 长星 Changxing
令怡 Lingyi 广君 Guangjun
惠君 Huijun 皓君 Haojun
淑君 Shujun 君博 Junbo
婉君 Wanjun 君豪 Junhao
雯君 Wenjun 令锋 Lingfeng
燕君 Yanjun 令璟 Linjing
昭君 Zhaojun 书君 Shujun


Wisdom and fire

The dragon year has also impacted the popularity of names around the world. For example, Aiden, which means fiery and Sophia, which means wisdom; both characteristics of the dragon, make an appearance in the top 10 most popular baby names this year.

Celebrity dragons

Judging from the obsession with celebrity baby names, we expect to see more people naming their children after celebrity offspring born this dragon year. So look out for girl names such as India, (Chris Hemsworth’s daughter) or Penelope (Kourtney Kardashian’s daughter) and boy names Noah Phoenix (Victoria Secret model Alessandra Ambrosia’s son) or Luca Cruz (Hillary Duff’s son) being the top choice amongst parents.

We round off with a comprehensive list of the top 10 English names this dragon year taken from three popular baby sites.

Rank NameLab
Boys Girls Boys Girls Boys Girls
1 Jacob Sophia Liam Emma Jacob Emma
2 Mason Isabella Ethan Olivia Michael Isabella
3 William Emma Mason Sophia Ethan Emily
4 Jayden Olivia Noah Ava Joshua Madison
5 Noah Ava Jacob Isabella Daniel Ava
6 Michael Emily Jack Ella Christopher Olivia
7 Ethan Abigail Aiden Mia Matthew Sophia
8 Alexander Madison Jackson Emily William Abigail
9 Aiden Mia Logan Lily Alexander Elizabeth
10 Daniel Chloe Lucas Chloe Anthony Chloe


And here are our top 3 picks for this dragon year:

For boys:
1. Aiden
2. Noah
3. Ethan

For girls:
1. Sophia
2. Ava
3. Olivia


Article by Wafa Marican


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