What is MCST?

What is MCST?

What is MCST? Property Expert, Dave Yong, from ERA Realty Network answers.

A reader asks:

I am curious to know what MCST is. What is it all about and what does it entail?

Dave Yong, theAsianparent property expert, replies:

Many Singaporeans have come up to me with this question of what is MCST. It is a term that many people are unaware of. I thank you for bringing this question up.

MCST stands for Management Corporation Strata Title. Do not worry if you think it sounds very complicated. It is actually quite a simple term.

MCST is a company or individual appointed to manage an estate. An estate is all the property that a company or an individual owns. Managing an estate involves the following safeguarding procedures:

1) maintaining good security

2) upkeeping communial facilities and,

3) regulating the rules of the estate

MCST question answered by Dave Yong, ERA 

Dave is a senior team director certified in CEHA with ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd. As a full-time professional realtor who mentors a group of associates under his team, his success stories includes winning numerous awards such as Asia Pacific Elite award, Top Achievers awards, Million Dollar Club Producer awards, Top Manager awards and multiple testimonial letters!

Dave exemplifies great service. His transparency and dedication to his job has resulted in many satisfied local & foreign clients who continue engaging him for all their property needs. As a consultant to theAsianparent.com Dave is excited to assist Singapore parents on property trends and update them on polices related to the property market. Dave is a peoples’ person and enjoys communicating on a wide range of topics. He also  enjoy sports and spending quality time with his  friends and family.

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