What better place than Haw Par Villa to go to this Halloween?

What better place than Haw Par Villa to go to this Halloween?

Haw Par Villa will be hosting the Noise Inavasion Festival from Oct 28-30 this year. Stand a chance to win a staycation in Singapore.

Haw Par Villa has that aura of being a spooky place. Even when you pass by it on the road, you cannot stop and wonder what kind of ghosts haunt it at night! And so, this Halloween, what better place to be than this? But, don't be afraid. You won't be roaming around on your own, skipping a heartbeat everytime you see an eerie statue. Because this time, Haw Par Villa is going to come alive with food, music and art This Sunday.

The Noise Invasion Festival

It is Haw Par Villa's 80th anniversary and so, this festival is going to indulge all your senses. This is not going to be your regular art festival, or so the website suggests. Sure, there is going to be a lineup of outstanding music, and ample opportunities to strut your leg. However, in addition, you will be treated with amazing food and arts. The twist - you have to come dressed up in the most outrageous costume you can think of!

From Oct 28, for two nights, you can attend this festival from 6 pm to 10 30 PM. 

The highlights

On the music front, there would be live performances by popular musicians such as Sam Rui, Wicked Aura and Amateur Takes Control. You will be treated to dance performances by the dancers from Recognize! Studios who have a special performance in mind to perform at the theme park’s Signature Pond.

You will be treated to a visual treat in arts where Street artists Slac Satu and Freaky Fir work on a 7m-long mural. The best thing, you get to join in! In the spirit of Halloween, the event will include a treasure hunt, a food street, an arts and lifestyle market, and various workshops. You can go on free guided tours by the Orignal Singapore Walks. But that is not all!

You stand a chance to win a staycation at M Social Singapore. And to stand a chance, you have to come in a group of 4 or more dressed in the most outrageous costumes and #getweird!


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This is exciting!

For those who grew up in Singapore, this place has memories. I have a friend who still crosses the street while passing it by! According to Channel News Asia, Audrey Ong, creative and business strategist at Invasion Singapore says,

“We thought Haw Par Villa would be a great place to hold the festival. It’s been forgotten over the years and people think of it as a place that’s very scary, but it’s actually full of culture and history,” 

And true, it has a rich history. It was established in 1937 as Tiger Balm Gardens. Over the period of time, it underwent many changes. It was quite a popular destination on the west coast in the 80s and 90s. However, with the advent of malls, this gradually fell into a decline. That said, it still gets its fair share of curious visitors. 

So this Halloween, after your children are done trick-or-treating, find them a sitter and head towards Haw Par Villa in the scariest costumes you can find in your closet. And head there in a group of 4 or more. Who knows, you might just win the staycation! The admission is FREE!

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