'We Welcome Families' Photo Contest. Win prizes worth $15 000 and a HD camcorder!

Do you remember being impressed with a restaurant's family-friendly ambience? Were the staff at your local grocery store friendly and helpful to the needs of your infant? Are your children looked after by the childcare centre teachers in an exceptional manner?

The above are examples of GREAT service and a family-oriented business!

If a brand has impressed you and touched your heart in one way or the other, this is the perfect opportunity for you to win prizes worth $15 000! Simply snap a picture of you and your family patronizing the business and submit it!

Add  'theAsianparent promotion' at the end of the photo description (for e.g. 'The salesperson whipped out toys to please my boy-theAsianparent promotion') and you might just win a HD Camcorder!

Submit your entry between NOW and 17 October 2010 via:


MMS: MMS to 83377565 in the following format:

NAME, NRIC NO, WRITE-UP (Why do you like this ‘We Welcome Families’ establishment?), NAME OF BUSINESS, LOCATION

E.g .Paul Tan     SXXXXXXXX     I like this business because…     ABC Café    XYZ Road

Mail: PO Box 144, Bras Basah Post Office, S'pore 911805

E-mail to: [email protected]


Please take note:

Family-friendly features include infrastructure, service and strategy.

• Infrastructure: space layout, cleanliness, safety & security etc
• Service: greeting and send-off, attitude, extra assistance etc
• Strategy: discounts & promotions, marketing etc

All you have to do is Click, Pick and Post! =)

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