Helpling wants to give Mommies their me-time!!

Helpling wants to give Mommies their me-time!!

Mums you don't have to do it all! Helpling lets you find and book trusted part-time cleaners online in just a few clicks.


Mums want to be able to do it all; have a perfect balance between family, home, work and self fulfilment

You are a supermum. Actually, you are more than that; we think you are kind of super human. A mum, a wife, cook, cleaner, chauffeur, official food taster, event planner, story teller, chief cuddle giver, crisis manager – and all this while you are probably managing professional deadlines too!

On most days you carry on as if this was the most natural, normal way to be. But we know that every now and then it all gets a little bit too much. We know, that at times, there are tears – and that they don’t always belong to your kids; sometimes they are yours. We know this only because because we’ve been there too.

But you know what, it does not have to be this way.

It is okay to take a break from Mummy Duties

Being a mum is exhausting. Running after the kids, staying up night after night, cleaning up after them, ferrying them all over town, dealing with their emotional outbursts, knowing when to be firm and when to cuddle – it is draining. We understand.

You need to get out of the mummy mode every now and then, and take some time for yourself. This is important not just for you but for all those who you love. You need to be able to have some peace and quiet and focus on yourself.

This helps you be calmer, more relaxed and be able to better enjoy your own home and family.

We hope that you believe us, when we say that you don’t need to be perfect at everything all the time. But also believe us when we tell you that life as a mother does not also have to mean compromise after compromise.

Let us share another little secret with you: get help and get it from anywhere that you can.


Everyone needs a ‘Helpling’ hand sometime.

Helpling is here to lend a hand

We may have had to coerce, beg and guilt people into helping us, but you mummies have a happier solution, all thanks to a brand new service in town. Helping, as the name suggests helps busy and overworked mums find independent cleaning service providers to come over and make their homes spotless, while they spend quality time with their families.

You can log on to their website and book a trusted local cleaner. It is easy, convenient and there is no agency fee involved. The hourly rates and services included are listed transparently on the website to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

It is perfectly normal to get someone to help you out with the mundane everyday chores on a part time basis and save your energy for the important stuff like reading to and cuddling your little ones.

So mums, the next time you are feeling overwhelmed – remember, help is just a click away.

Helping is offering theAsianparent readers $20 off (1 hour of free cleaning) when they enter the promo code: asianparent. Click here to book.

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