10 Ways to Stay Healthy This Ramadhan

10 Ways to Stay Healthy This Ramadhan

With ayam percik, keropok lekor and ramly burgers, how do you stay healthy this Ramadhan? Follow these tips, mummies!

Ramadhan is here and that only spells one thing... food. We are so determined to find good food for the break fast session that we ignore potential health crises (yes, it can get THAT serious). But then again, with all the bazaar food available such as the ayam percik, ramly burgers and kebabs, it does get a little difficult caring about our health.

Here are some tips to follow to remain healthy this Ramadhan, mummies!

#1 Say yes to dates

10 Ways to Stay Healthy This Ramadhan

You know that little sweet pruned thing that you refused to eat as a child because it reminds you of a particular insect? Dates are actually great for energy replenishment. They are rich in fibre, potassium and magnesium and most importantly, they'll regulate your bowel movements. So yes, have a date!

#2 Drink enough water

The hardest thing to deal with while fasting is the thirst. Even so with Singapore's "very hot or very cold, never in between" weather these days. Not sure how you're going to drink 8 glasses in one day? Here's how!

  1. 2 glasses before your pre-dawn meal
  2. 2 glasses after your pre-dawn meal
  3. 1 glass before break fast
  4. 2 glasses after break fast
  5. 1 glass before you go to sleep


#3 Avoid salty food

So you've settled your thirst problem but then again, it's always better to be safe than sorry. How about staying away from food that can cause thirst entirely? Yes, stay away from salty food such as the well-loved keropok lekor and takoyaki. 

#4 Eat more fruit and vegetables

10 Ways to Stay Healthy This Ramadhan

Same old, same old. Never disappoints.

#5 Eat slowly!

Eating quickly has never been a good thing - it may cause heartburn. Nope, you wouldn't want that

#6 Don't overeat

Yes the table is filled with dishes you've waited all day to savour but try not to over-indulge. Overeating can cause stomach pain and bloating, which is a very common problem that people face during Ramadhan. Start your meal with dates and then liquid food such as soup, and then proceed to the mains.

Starting your meal with liquid food helps replenish your body with fluids and help prepare the digestive system for this meal.

#7 Ensure your meal includes all four groups

Make sure your meal has these important ones: grains, proteins, vegetables, fruits and healthy oils

#8 Don't rush to the sweets

10 Ways to Stay Healthy This Ramadhan

Eating sweets immediately after breaking fast may result in bloating and cause delay in digestion. It may also cause a fluctuation in the blood glucose level, which will lead to you craving for more sweets. Instead, have sweets around 2-3 hours after breaking fast.

#9 Say no to coffee

Unless you want to feel lethargic or suffer from headaches, stay away from coffee.

#10 Exercise

Exercising right before your break fast or 2 hours after break fast is beneficial in maintaining a healthy weight and healthy lifestyle during the fasting month. Remember to eat slowly and hydrate immediately after your work out to replenish on your fluid and nutrients!


How has Ramadhan been for you so far? Share your thoughts with us!

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Written by

Pavin Chopra

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