17 Ways to Keep Your Husband Happy (That You May Not Be Doing)

17 Ways to Keep Your Husband Happy (That You May Not Be Doing)

We wives must always grab the opportunity to show our hunky husbands some appreciation. These seemingly small tokens from us may mean so much more to the men we love. Let's get started!

When kids come, husbands usually take the back seat as your maternal instincts kick in to prioritize your children. To help you be intentional in giving your other half love and attention, here are 17 ways to keep your husband happy!

1. Pray for him

Stormie Omartian in her book “The Power of a Praying Wife” encourages wives to pray for specific areas in their husband’s lives such as decision-making, spiritual strength, fears, roles as leader and father, faith, and their future. Never underestimate the power of prayer. Your husband needs it more than you know.

2. Respect him

17 Ways to Keep Your Husband Happy (That You May Not Be Doing)

Respect is your husband’s strongest need. When you give him respect, it brings out the best in him. There may be times when you may feel that he doesn’t deserve it, but those are the moments when he needs it most.

3. Show that you’re proud of him

Brag about your husband whether he’s around or not. Tell your friends and family how proud you are of your man. It could be something as simple as complimenting him for his patience while you shopped or as grand as being a stage wife of some sort raving about his career accomplishments.

This seemingly small deed is guaranteed to keep your husband happy.

4. Support his hobbies

17 Ways to Keep Your Husband Happy (That You May Not Be Doing)

Show interest in the things he loves. For example, either you watch a football game with him or give him uninterrupted time to watch the World Cup. Listen intently when he speaks passionately about his hobbies. Couples with shared interests are said to develop better empathy and understanding for each other.

5. Tell him he’s hot

Your husband needs to know that he still looks good in your eyes after all these years and those love handles. You can be specific such as telling him how you love his eyes or his boyish smile.

6. Give him some me-time

After a gruelling eight hours (or more) at work, your man needs a few minutes to wind down and relax. He needs to unplug, so to speak. This me-time will help him reflect and decompress.

7. Thank him for the things he does in the house

Express your gratitude when he fixes something or helps out at home. When you compliment him for his efforts, he feels accomplished even if it’s just folding the laundry the right way. It’s not every day that your man will get to do chores, so when he does, thank him! 

8. Kiss him daily

You must kiss your husband every single day! And not a simple peck on the cheek. Kiss him for five to 30 seconds. Passionate kissing is healthy for the two of you. It keeps the fire in your romance burning. If you need inspiration, simply think about your dating days!

9. Give him an encouraging note or text message

Sometimes all your husband needs is some encouragement. You can brighten his day by sending him a simple message motivating him in his job. Being reminded that his wife is rooting for him can make a difference in your husband’s day.

10. Create a welcoming and safe home

When your husband comes home, make sure he has a safe and welcoming refuge in you. With all the stress he goes through at work, your husband needs your home to be the place where he can relax and unburden anything that’s weighing him down.

11. Tell him you love him

17 Ways to Keep Your Husband Happy (That You May Not Be Doing)

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No matter how busy life gets, don’t forget to tell your husband that you love him. It should’ve been a no-brainer, but sometimes saying “I love you” doesn’t come naturally. Telling your husband you love him even if you don’t feel like it is an affirmation of your commitment to him.

12. Smile at him

This maybe trivial but smiling at your husband shows how happy you are being married to him. After a tiring day at work, a gloomy face at home is probably the last thing your spouse wants to see. Your happy disposition will set the tone for your entire household.

13. Show kindness

Ever heard of the kick-the-cat syndrome? It’s when you lash your frustrations out towards the person who just happens to be there. Your husband is probably your most common victim when you go into this mode.

Avoid the urge to snap at your spouse. Instead, show kindness in your words and actions. Ask yourself every day what you can do to keep your husband happy, then act on it.

14. Remind him that you’re proud of him

17 Ways to Keep Your Husband Happy (That You May Not Be Doing)

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Your husband needs to be reminded that you’re his biggest fan. Tell him that you’re proud of him and what he does. Many will try to bring your spouse down, but when he knows that you believe in him it gives him the courage and confidence to face anything.

15. Allot a special time for him without the kids

Spend quality time with your husband. Schedule date nights if you have to so that you can reconnect with each other.

16. Be mindful of his needs

This could mean cooking his favourite meal, recording the basketball game he missed, wearing the sleazy sleepwear he likes on you, and more. Over the years, you will know what your husband likes and needs. Try to do one or more of those things to keep your husband happy and bring a smile to his face.

17. Show your kids that you honour him

17 Ways to Keep Your Husband Happy (That You May Not Be Doing)

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Let your kids witness how much you respect their father, and they will follow suit.

These mean more than you know to your hubby! Doing these things will make your husband feel loved and appreciated.

When you nurture your relationship with your husband, you not only strengthen your marriage but also your family relationship as a whole.


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Jasmine Yeo

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