My secret weapon against invisible indoor pollution

My secret weapon against invisible indoor pollution

As a mum, I’ve battled everything from haze to micro-particles and pollutants. I keep my kids safe and protected with a little help from an automated wonder appliance.

I remember when we had Fayth (my first born), that was the time the haze-days had peaked. Hubs and I were pretty desperate to get something for the baby to keep the air clean. She was having pretty bad eczema at one point and we were trying to keep her face and the house clean because we knew that dust and dirt would worsen her condition. Plus if you remember, how bad the haze period was? I felt like I was walking around Genting!

Dirt Which You Can't See

Do you know what's more scary than dirt & dust? It's the kind of pollution that we can't see!!! Are you aware that even when you can't see haze and dust they're still floating around  everywhere? I'm referring to micro-particles and pollutants that may result in more bad air quality at home than outdoors! I really didn't know this in detail until recently, but I'm feeling more at ease now because I have invested in a really good purifying fan for the family. Let me share a little more on this as it’s informative for everyone, especially parents who're concerned about their children's well-being.

 What Are the Pollution Sources at Home?

  • Outdoor air pollution: Sources such as tree pollen and city pollution can enter the home and may remain trapped there.
  • Pollen: Plants and flowers can release microscopic pollen into the air. Sometimes they get into our homes or are trapped onto hair and we bring them into the home.
  • Pet hair: Cats, dogs and other household pets can spread some kind of microscopic material around the home.
  • Scented candles: Some chemical substances found in scented candles can release benzene and formaldehyde (chemicals/pollutants) into the air as they burn.
  • Furniture foam: Foam that can be found in furniture can release formaldehyde gas.
  • Indoor paints: Some indoor paints may release gaseous chemicals when they dry and also potentially throughout their life.
  • Air fresheners: Some household air fresheners can contain volatile organic compounds and benzene, which can be released with the fragrance when sprayed.
  • Gas hobs and cooking fumes: Gas hobs and the food cooking process itself can emit fumes, odours and particles into the air.
  • Cleaning products: Household cleaning products can contain benzene and household fumes and odours.
  • Carpets, rugs and flooring: Some carpets, rugs, flooring and their backing materials can emit formaldehyde when new and potentially throughout their life.

Basically it's A LOT of common things in our daily lives that may be causing air pollution in our homes. I'm sure many of you are like me and weren’t really aware of all these sources of pollution. It can start to get pretty worrying once you know all these facts, but it also feels good to have the knowledge to protect our loved ones.

Our Little Ones Suffer From It All

Children react more sensitively to what is happening around them, so the little ones can often suffer more when it comes to air pollution. Poor quality air can be linked to a whole range of issues in children causing anything from sneezing and itchy eyes right through to lung infections and even asthma.

ways to keep the air clean

How Do I Provide Cleaner Air for My Kids?

Two years ago the first versions of Dyson purifying fan was launched and hubs was excited over it so we got one for Fayth’s room when she was still a baby and we loved it!

Now they’ve launched their brand new purifier, the Dyson Pure Cool and we were lucky enough to get the chance to try it out.

As the girls are now a bit older we placed the Dyson Pure Cool within their play area where they spend a lot of their time. Besides being a powerful air purifier, I really love that it is blade-less and safe because you should see how my kids are around fans. They can be found constantly meddling with it, gosh! 

ways to keep the air clean

Functions Of The (All New) Dyson Pure Cool™ Purifiying Fan

Dyson’s unique air purifier has a LCD display which reveals pollutants in the home in real time, and reacts automatically using a unique Dyson algorithm.

I love how it easily cools the room thanks to its unique Air Multiplier™ technology. It absorbs and cleans the air and projects purified air all throughout the room. And while it can swing back and forth up to 350 degrees (compared to the old unit which swings up to 180 degrees), I love how it is quiet which is very suitable for the kids while they are asleep. I can even use the night-mode which uses its quietest airflow settings. This means that while the machine continues to monitor and respond to changes in air quality to keep the room purified, my baby, who is a light sleeper, can still enjoy a really good sleep.

ways to keep the air clean

Built-In LCD Screen As Your Smart Friend: What It Shows

Compared to my old unit, this latest model is bigger (yet is still very sleek) and has more functions. It has built-in LCD screen that shows the current indoor air quality. Aside from that, I was amazed by the fact that it can show particle pollution as small as 0.1 microns (including pollens and dust in the room!)  that is being captured through its HEPA filters.

ways to keep the air clean

ways to keep the air clean My secret weapon against invisible indoor pollution

You can still attach the remote to the top of the fan with magnetic surface, which was something I really liked. No frantic searching for the remote – parents you all know how messy our homes with kids can get!

Impressive New Filters

One of the most important changes to the Dyson Pure Cool is that it comes with new and improved filters.  The filtration system is made up of two key components, glass high-efficiency particulate (HEPA) filters which capture up to 99.95 per cent of microscopic allergens and pollutants and activated carbon filters which remove any harmful gases that are lurking around.

What’s even better is that once the purifier has effectively captured all these nasties it then projects clean air into every corner of the room, meaning I can leave my kids to play safe in the knowledge that they’re in a healthy environment.

Smarter With Smart Apps

What's a smart home appliance without its own app which you can use to directly control it from your mobile phone? The Dyson Link app allows you to monitor the air quality inside your home – anywhere anytime!

Downloading and connecting the fan to Wi-Fi was a breeze. You can start assessing the quality of the air at home immediately, setting different locations/rooms to track analysis which can then be shown as a trend on a weekly or daily basis.

You can also pre-set the purifier to work even when you're not at home. That way, you can start to cleanse the air in your children's room before they return home from school. Sometimes, when I'm on the couch watching TV and the kids are playing in their play area, all I have to do is turn the app on my mobile phone on and I'll be able to control the purifier from where I'm sitting. 

I'm definitely sold on the latest model mainly because of the upgraded functions of the 350° oscillation which allows us to cleanse the entire room. Plus I also love the smart functions & technology – with just one app I can not only control the purifier itself, but I can also track the readings of the "unseen" pollution in the heart of our home.

The Dyson Pure Cool™ purifying fan is truly a must-have for homes especially for us parents with young kids! It’s smartness made convenient keeping our home safe for the whole family!

Now I'm considering another set for my in law's place. Hahaha...

ways to keep the air clean


If you're keen to find out more or purchase the Dyson Pure Cool™ purifying fan, you may check this link out, or you can also test the fans out at major departmental and electrical stores.

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