Ways Your Marriage Will Change Right After Having a Baby

Ways Your Marriage Will Change Right After Having a Baby

Fret not, this won't last forever!

Having a baby changes many aspects of your life. You may suddenly find yourself more paranoid than usual, and maybe even more lethargic than normal. After having a baby, your day-to-day conversations may sound something like this:

"So how is motherhood treating you? Wah you still look 4 months pregnant leh!"

"Why didn't you give birth naturally?"

"So how ah your baby? Noisy anot?"

Every new mum is bound to experience a change or two, and there's no denying that the relationship between you and your husband will be affected too.

Here are the 4 ways your marriage will change right after you have your angel!

#1 You'll get easily irritated

after having a baby
Does he seriously need to snore that loud? What if he wakes the baby? Oh my gosh, he is not supposed to prepare the milk that way! While you know that your love for him is eternal, having a baby can put a strain on your relationship, especially if you aren't getting enough sleep and are cranky. Try to spend some time together in the day to remind each other that you have each others' backs no matter what happens.

#2 You might love your baby more

after having a baby
Everything that you thought was important to you is no longer is! Ruffles the dog? What dog? Wait, there are dirty dishes piling up? Nah, my baby needs me more. Mummies, don't forget that your little angel wouldn't be here without the help of your husband. Show him a little love too with a kiss on the cheek or a little bedtime snuggle. Remember, he loves the baby just as much as you do.

#3 Sex will be different

after having a baby
Besides having to wait a few weeks before having sex, there is a downside to your sexy time. Your hormones will mess you up, and you may just feel like a big lump. A big, emotional and hormonal lump. You may also feel so tired form caring for your newborn that you'd just want to head to bed to zzzzz. Ladies, and that's perfectly okay. Someday, you will get back into the mood again. Talk to your hubby so he understands what you're going through, and maybe one day you'll both be having sex again without any distractions.

"Wait.. Is my baby alright? He's too quiet..."

#4 You'll fall even more in love with him

after having a baby
This moment will come when you see him holding your baby in his arms, talking to him, and just being the most perfect father. Maybe it'll be in the way he soothes your crying child, maybe it's the way he changes the diapers, but for whatever the reason is, you know that this is the man you love and nothing would ever change the way you feel for him.

Parents, what are some of the ways that your marriage has changed since the birth of your first child? Share with us in the comments below!

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Written by

Pavin Chopra

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